Uganda’s UPC applauds IEBC, tips NRM govt to learn from Kenya

(Last Updated On: 11 August 2022)

From Uganda, the Uganda Peoples Congress [UPC] is full of praise for Kenya. 

By Milton Emmy Akwam

Oyam – August 2022: The people of Kenya and the rest of East [Africa] are eagerly waiting to hear who has won the Tuesday, August 9 elections.

 The East African country could know the successor to President Uhuru Kenyatta in less than 48 hours.

Raila Odinga and William Ruto have been changing positions since Tuesday when the first batch of tallied votes was announced. The former Prime Minister under Mwai Kibaki and the current Deputy to President Uhuru, Ruto, and their supporters think they will win.

Expectations continue to be high. As of Thursday, August 11, Citizen TV and Nation – two respected media outlets in Kenya had provisional results showing Raila had surpassed Ruto.

At 12:27 pm, August 11, Raila was at 49.46 percent and Ruto had obtained 49.14 percent, according to Citizen TV. Both had reached 6m plus votes.

The Nation’s tally had put Raila ahead with 50.82 percent and Ruto was standing at 48.51 percent.

With her internet and social media not tampered with by the government, Kenya has received praises from the rest of the East African Community.

The Uhuru’s government is also being commended for allowing the opposition candidates and their supporters to interact freely and maintaining that the security forces remain neutral throughout.


From Uganda, the Uganda Peoples Congress [UPC] is full of praise for Kenya. 

“We want to thank the people of Kenya for holding a very peaceful campaign and elections throughout the entire electoral period,” head of media and communications, Muzeyi Faizo said in a statement.

He added that UPC applauds the government of Kenya together with the IEBC for allowing the Kenyans in the diaspora to vote. “In the eyes of the democratic processes, this is what it ought to be done.”

“The Party therefore, encourages the government of Uganda to borrow a leaf from our neighboring country, Kenya, and develop a mechanism that allows eligible Ugandans in the diaspora to vote.”

“UPC is hopeful that the peace that has been exhibited during campaigns and elections, will prevail even after the declaration of results in Kenya,” he added.

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