NEMA to build capacities to fight ignorance on wetlands 

(Last Updated On: 11 August 2022)

Operations to weed out wetland users in Lira and Lango sub-region has in recent months received strong criticisms in what some term as “selective targets”.

By Aceng Patricia Amne

 Lira – August 11, 2022: The National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) says it is going to build the capacities of people to embrace environmental conservation.

The authority discloses it will achieve this with partnership and support from the Uganda Revenue Authority [URA], and Uganda National Bureau of Standards [UNBS] and they will specifically target training institutions to build the capacities of learners.

In a field visit, NEMA officials in Lira and the district local government leaders, among them Chief Administrative Officer, Environmental Officer, City Mayor, and the Resident City Commissioner it was revealed that the government is putting the focus on settlement and cultivation in wetlands.

The fight against wetland encroachment in Uganda is too far from done, even after several directives issued by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

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In Lira, NEMA is working closely with Uganda Technical College. Both, specifically [credit to] the latter working on refrigeration systems and air conditioning to provide better materials necessary to protect the environment.


Charles Olet Ogwang is the district natural resource officer of Lira city. He noted that there is still a challenge in implementing the laws about wetland encroachment in Lira because of the selective application of the law.

 Morris Adem who is the speaker of Lira district council submitted to the house that even as NEMA is working effectively to manage environmental issues, contributing to social economic development, it should be noted over the years that Lira is faced with negative environmental issues like waste management and disposal.

 “If given the liberty, I am willing to table it before Parliament to take indiscriminative actions on people who think they are untouchable and going against environmental matters,” Adem said.

 He advocated that there should be a general operation for only 3 months to curb defaulters and all the vices against land will be minimized.

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