‘Lango endorses Muhoozi’s presidency’ headline is a total misrepresentation

(Last Updated On: 11 August 2022)

By Ishaa Otto Amiza

Oyam – August 9, 2022: On 8th August 2022, an online media carried a headline, “Lango Leaders endorse the Presidency of Muhoozi Museveni.” While it’s true that some obscurantist, greedy and opportunistic craps of Lango led by Judith Alyek, the Woman MP of Kole District and Chairperson LPG.

I wish to refute this headline as a total misrepresentation of the people of Lango who have remained the most deprived, targeted, and marginalized tribe in Uganda by the NRA -Bachwezi Dynasty rule since the NRA took up arms to fight the UPC government of Obote (Lango) in 1981 and therefore Lango are not too foolish and ignorant to know their fate. 

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Alas, I was consoled by one of the charlatans who told me “the motivation was simply to catch the eye of Muhoozi to access free money and appointment/promotion in public jobs” which has become a preserve for singing Muhoozi’s name. 

I relaxed because the chaps are conscious of the conspiracy by the Bachwezi. 

The commentator is the former MP, Oyam South.

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