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Universal Apostles Fellowship Church of Righteousness leaders rally followers, citizens to embrace patriotism

UAFCR is an indigenous Pentecostal Church which was founded in the early 1960s to preach and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The overseer during the Sunday service.

Last Updated on: 1st August 2022, 08:23 pm

Universal Apostles Fellowship Church of Righteousness leaders rally followers, citizens to embrace patriotism.

By Nelly Otto

Jinia, August 1, 2022: The Universal Apostles Fellowship Church of Righteousness (UAFCR) says Uganda will be one of the best countries in the world if citizens embrace patriotism and righteousness as core pillars.

UAFCR is an indigenous Pentecostal Church which was founded in the early 1960s to preach and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ with emphasis on righteousness for all followers.

Its man of God, Prophet Daudi was preaching to a mammoth congregation during a thanksgiving service held at the Church’s headquarters situated in Magwa Zone in Jinja City on Sunday 31 July 2022.

Prophet Daudi rallies Ugandans to join him in championing the spirit of patriotism and righteousness so that the country achieves prosperity.

Just like the Church is founded and guided by the principle of righteousness and hard work, he asks Ugandans to also work hard and avoid negative practices and vices that cause social strife and inhibit growth and development.

“…if you adhere to righteousness you will not steal, commit adultery or engage in any criminal activity, so let us be patriotic and embrace all government programmes…’ Isanga appealed.

Clad in light green Nigerian traditional attire with a matching cap, Daudi, with deep theological insights asked followers and citizens to desist from sin and its tendencies which separate them from God’s abundant blessings.

Characteristics of Biblical preachers who abhor wrong teachings, Isanga once again rebuked some Pentecostal preachers who misinterpret and use the Scriptures for selfish material gains.

“…you see them waving white handkerchiefs while duping the congregation to simply sit and wait for their miracles while others ask for money to receive blessings..’ he cautioned.

Saying work is one of the activities ordained by God, Prophet Isanga asks all members of UAFCR under his leadership to work hard and fight household poverty using all government programmes rolled out in the community.

Recounting the countless number of raids the police made to his Magwa-based Church which is home to hundreds of destitute and downtrodden people, Isanga who anchored his sermon on the Book of Psalms 121 titled: “My Help Comes only from God,” assured followers that no amount of lies and propaganda would derail the Church.

“…I cannot ask my followers to vote for President Yoweri Museveni then turn around to antagonize the beautiful programmes and projects initiated by his government…’ he explained.

He stressed the need for the Church to be self-propagating, self-reliant and self-accounting in a bid to offer a holistic gospel to humanity in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Minister of State for Bunyoro Affairs Jennifer Namuyangu who also attended the service reiterated the government’s position on the need for stakeholders including religious organizations to fight against poverty.

Namuyangu who is also a senior preacher in the Church commended the leadership of UAFCF for setting up a multi-billion demonstration farm called Eden at Nakaseke.

“…while many parts of the country have been suffering from famine, Nakaseke was the focal point where all foodstuffs and fruits plus animal products were accessible…’ Namuyangu commended, adding leaders must be ‘exemplary’.

Prof Christopher Mbazira from the faculty of Law at Makerere University who is also one of the pastors attended the Church service.

Dr Mbazira, in a speech, told the congregation including the High Court judge Justice Godfrey Namundi described their faith as ‘very accommodative’.

A section of leaders and followers that was excommunicated for flouting the Church doctrine and teachings had in recent years waged wars against the Church, accusing it of falsely of deviating from the true gospel.

Three of them were in April arrested by security as they attempted to kidnap and kill the top managers of the Church to justify their quest to scandalize and bring down the faith body.

They include prime suspects Sunday (Sande) Mukisa, David Semu Muwanguzi, Emmanuel Mugwa and Samuel Iwakuba who were arrested under vide CRB 153/2022 and are out on bail.

Christians drew from all regions of the country, some from neighbouring Kenya showered Prophet with gifts worth more than 2BN/= including a state-of-the-art Toyota Hiace car (Drone) and a box and body truck, irrigation system, fridges, garments, household valuables and cash, among others.

Believers estimated to be more than 5,000 in number sang and danced throughout as a way of returning thanks to God for protecting and preserving them during the two years when the country was shut down to avert the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

5 thoughts on “Universal Apostles Fellowship Church of Righteousness leaders rally followers, citizens to embrace patriotism

  1. Surely this is the church that teaches righteousness and has changed many from sinful nature to doing right, good and pleasing to God and people. A true God sent prophet changes people from their evil ways.We shall surely continue to follow and proclaim Gods word that he preaches to the people of Uganda and the whole universe..

  2. This is the only church that is preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ, Prophet David has changed the lives of many people in this church through teaching them being hard workers not only relying on free given things, Its a self indigenous church with no support from government or outside but instead joint effort of the people of Ugandans and neibouring countries, Its the church everyone deserves

  3. This Church is very important and good, It Preaches and teaching righteousness World Wide by Prophet David in Uganda.

  4. This is the only true gospel of Christ in the whole world. We shall exhibit your teaching prophet David

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