24th March 2023

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5 thoughts on “Universal Apostles Fellowship Church of Righteousness leaders rally followers, citizens to embrace patriotism

  1. Surely this is the church that teaches righteousness and has changed many from sinful nature to doing right, good and pleasing to God and people. A true God sent prophet changes people from their evil ways.We shall surely continue to follow and proclaim Gods word that he preaches to the people of Uganda and the whole universe..

  2. This is the only church that is preaching the true gospel of Jesus Christ, Prophet David has changed the lives of many people in this church through teaching them being hard workers not only relying on free given things, Its a self indigenous church with no support from government or outside but instead joint effort of the people of Ugandans and neibouring countries, Its the church everyone deserves

  3. This Church is very important and good, It Preaches and teaching righteousness World Wide by Prophet David in Uganda.

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