Bukwo: Lango wants justice for assassinated son

Last Updated on: 10th July 2022, 06:38 pm

Lango wants justice for their assassinated son

TND News Desk 

Lira, July 10, 2022: Some Lango sons and daughters think their brother, Charles Robert Ogwang, former CAO of bukwo district was killed by “corrupt leaders”.

They allege that these “corrupt leaders in the district” hired gunmen to finish him.

They, including activists, want a swift investigation done.

Ogwang was assassinated on his way to Lira on Friday, July 8 by unknown gunmen. He was rushed to a military hospital in critical condition from where he died shortly.

The car he was driving got burned.

Jane Frances Oling, chairperson of Lango human rights defenders, in a recorded statement on Saturday called for a swift investigation and protection of Robert’s immediate family: his wife and children.

Oling further asked the government to investigate the matter with due commitment and seriousness.

Lango rights defenders want the suspects to be immediately arrested, punished and prosecuted.

“…and so we can see Justice delivered back home here in Lango,” Oling added.

On Saturday, Kasangati police in Wakiso district commenced investigations to ascertain the circumstances under which CAO Ogwang was killed.

According to the deputy police spokesman for Kampala Metropolitan, Luke Owoyesigyire, the deceased was killed in Kiroyowa~Mabanda on Bombo road at around 11 pm.

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