Lira: Police Constable Esanyu remanded for manslaughter

Last Updated on: 24th April 2022, 08:00 am

Police Constable Esanyu will reappear before the same court on May 5.

By Acipa Doreen

Lira, April 22, 2022: The Lira chief magistrate court on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, remanded a police officer to Lira central government prison after charging him with manslaughter.


The officer allegedly shot a suspect dead.


The court presided over by Lira chief magistrate His Worship Samson Abiti Loum heard that the special police constable (SPC) Raymond Esanyu, 41, on April 9, 2022, without ill intentions improperly shot dead Boniface Agem, 29, while enforcing his arrest contrary to section 187 of the Penal Code Act.


According to the court, SPC Esanyu who is attached to the starch factory police outpost while on patrol at Cuki-Bangi cell, Lango central ward in Lira City West Division, at around 11 pm met a group of about 15 men drinking alcohol and others taking opium while seated behind an unfinished building.


However, Esanyu, together with his other two friends who were on patrol took interest to find out what they were doing but as they reached, the deceased who was amongst the men jumped up to attack the officer.


Esanyu did not plead guilty to the offence.


Anthony Okello, the Lira Resident Chief Attorney told the court that the inquiries into the matter were ongoing but requested the court to remand Esanyu.


“Your honour, inquiries are continuing so we pray the accused person to be remanded pending completion of inquiries,” he added.


In his ruling, Lira chief magistrate Samson Abiti Loum remanded Esanyu till May 5, 2022, for mention of his case.


Emma Obong, a brother to the deceased had earlier refuted the report from the police, saying Esanyu who shot their brother was drunk therefore he should be followed by the law.


He wants justice to prevail for the bereaved family.


“…at around 9:00 pm as it was approaching 10 pm, my brother had moved a bit in a neighbourhood to meet his friends where they normally spend their leisure time. So, two police officers came and found them,” Obong earlier said.


“So, one of the gentlemen in his company started speaking to one of the officers but as he was still speaking, one of the officers coked his gun,” he enlightened.


“So, as soon as they heard the gunshots, his other friends took off and left him alone. So the officers immediately rushed to the home of the local council chairperson and later reported to the starch factory police outpost,” he added.


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