24 February 2024


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Lango premier says cultural foundation committed to dealing with street kids

While praising Oulanyah, the Lango Prime Minister Ajal told TND News that the late speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah was “a good leader”. 

Lango PM Yosam Odur Ebii. Photo by RHU

Last Updated on: 31st March 2022, 11:49 am

There are over 1000 street kids in Lira City alone, and majority of them have homes and parents who offer encouragement to their kids to leave.

  • Some are orphans forced to leave homes due to domestic violence and mistreatment by their step-parents, TND News’s recent findings show.

By Joyce Aguti

Lira – March 31, 2022: The prime minister of Lango Cultural Foundation [LCF] has pledged to the people of Lango.


James Robert Ajal, the premier said in the coming six months, there won’t be any street kids loitering in the streets in Lira city.


Ajal said this while eulogizing the former speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda Jacob Oulanyah.


Oulanyah died on March 20, 2022 (EAT) in the United States of America.


The former speaker and Omoro County MP, Oulanyah spent more than 40 days in Seattle after being flown for specialized medical treatment. 


While praising Oulanyah, Prime Minister Ajal told TND News that the late speaker of parliament Jacob Oulanyah was “a good leader”. 


Ajal revealed that the deceased was planning to gazette a place for the street kids and take them to technical schools to get some knowledge and skills that can help them in the future.


“It will be hard for us to trace the entire street kids.” Why? He said, “Because they are being used as middlemen in some businesses like collecting scraps, pick-pocketing mobile phones, and wallets,” he added.


According to the LCF’s number 2, they will try with all their level best within six months.


George Okello Ayo is the Mayor of Lira City East Division. He said in a phone interview that six months won’t be enough. 

Won Nyaci of Lango Mzee Yosam Odur Ebii and Premier James Ajal (2nd from R) with cultural spokesperson Jacob Ocen and minister Imat Apuli. Photo by The Cooperator Magazine.

“Because it will be a process and we have task all the Lango cultural leaders to register them [street kids] and find their parents as early as possible.”


Ayo added that as leaders, they are looking forward to holding talks with the Minister of Gender Labor and Social Development to provide technical education to those who will decide to go back to school.


District Police Commander of Lira City Geoffrey Abigaba when asked how the security team will be coordinating with Lango cultural leaders in removing street kids off the streets, said that there will be a plan on how to handle them.

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