‘Suicide hard to detect and prevent’: Lira leaders say as 2 die

(Last Updated On: 17 March 2022)

Gladish Anshan, a councilor of Acwao and Ongica Ward in Lira City East confirmed the two incidents.  

By Joyce Aguti

Lira – March 17, 2022: Despite registering an increase in suicide incidents across the Lango sub-region, local leaders in Lira City have dismissed talk of laxity on their part.


Some leaders who spoke to TND News say suicide is hard to detect and prevent.


This comes after two suicide incidents happened this week in Lira City East Division.  


The report revealed that two cases were reported: one person was found hanging and another one suspected to have taken poison. Both deceased are residents of Acwao Ward all in Lira City East.


Preliminary findings indicate that Ojok Tonny, 26, a resident of Abarbogo in Acawo Ward is suspected to have taken poison from his house and died instantly.


Denis Okello, 25, was found hanging on a tree in his compound.


Gladish Anshan, a councilor of Acwao and Ongica Ward in Lira City East confirmed the two incidents.  


On Wednesday, she said her office was still carrying out investigations.


“The problems that compel these people to commit suicide are not yet generated,” she added.


The area LC 1 chairperson Celestino Okullu also said that he received the reports Wednesday morning.


“It prompted me to reach the scene and I can confirm the incident, and at the same time I got another report of a suicide all within Acawo.”


He said the police were notified and the bodies were taken to Lira Regional Referral Hospital pending postmortem.


Okullu, however, stressed that there are so many psychological problems among people that the wider society needs to address to solve them.


Suicide cases in Lango have surged in recent years, and to date, over 20 have committed suicides, according to the TND News tally.


Many have linked it to domestic violence; land wrangle and poverty now worsen by Covid-19 pandemic and related issues.

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