24 February 2024


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UPC birthday: The March 9th, 1960 merger

UPC has had four party presidents since founder Dr Apollo Milton Obote (RIP) left for exile and later passing on in 2005.
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Last Updated on: 9th March 2022, 07:26 pm

On its 62nd birthday, UPC remains “divided” on legitimacy and power struggle as James Akena faces opposition from Peter Walubiri and his group.

Kampala – March 9, 2022:  On this day, March 9, 1960, Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC) party was founded. 


According to the UPC spokesperson,  Arach Oyat Sharon, the founding fathers met in Kampala to merge Uganda Peoples Union (UPU) and Uganda National Congress (UNC) to give birth to Uganda Peoples Congress (UPC). 


“It is important to look back and celebrate this rich experience, history and ideology that guided UPC to deliver independence of Uganda on 9th October 1962,” she added.


Oyat said UPC remains committed to the service of Uganda, East Africa, Africa and the world with a focus on Nationalism, Pan-Africanism and internationalism. 


“Uganda and Africa are taking a long time to advance the African Revolution! We are having challenges that negatively affect the general welfare of our people.”


The wars, drought and famine or hunger, she said, are real threats in Africa, coupled with climate change. 


It’s more than three decades since UPC left State power. But, Oyat thinks “UPC is set to reverse these evils of our society”.


Today, the UPC party is 62 years old with less than 20 MPs in the 11th Parliament.


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