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Kole North: Dr Samuel Opio Acuti fulfils one key pledge to constituents 

(Last Updated On: 25 July 2023)

Dr Samuel Opio Acuti said the ambulances he bought will serve everybody.

By Ceasar Okello

Kole – February 27, 2022: Dr Samuel Opio Acuti, Kole North MP in Kole district has fulfilled one of the pledges he made to his electorates during campaigns to represent them in the 11th Parliament.

During his campaigns, Dr Acuti made several pledges which included buying ambulances for the three sub-counties in Kole North. He also promised them electricity into their homes through the Rural Electricity Agency.

On Saturday, February 26, MP Opio surprised his constituency with brand-new and well-equipped ambulances.

Addressing his people at Aboke Town Council Headquarters, he reminded them the three ambulances is one of the pledges he made while campaigning.

Opio said, “I was prompted to buy ambulances after two incidents where two expectant mothers nearly died in 2021 due  to lack of ambulances in Kole district.”

He noted that the health sector is one he will pay much attention to, to ensure that the people of Kole North are safe and healthy.

The legislator said that the ambulances will serve the people of Kole North regardless of party affiliation, tribe and religion.

“The ambulances that I have bought are like rain that does not segregate whether somebody is a witch or not,” MP Opio Acuti said.

According to him, the three sub-counties in Kole North will each receive one ambulance.

He also revealed that apart from the health sector, he is working hard to ensure that roads in Kole North are worked on, saying corner Molem to Bobi road will be tarmacked.

They saw the ambulances, they became speechless, the celebration of the achievements started.

Rebecca Abeja, a resident of Aweiwot Ward in Aboke Town Council commended MP Opio Acuti for fulfilling his pledge.

Abeja said this will, however, reduce the death rate among pregnant mothers in Kole North.

The LC3 chairperson of Aboke sub-county Bony Munu Ocana said this is still the first time an MP is buying ambulances for each sub-county in his constituency.

Ocana pledged that the ambulance for his sub-county will serve its intended purpose, saying he will ensure that it is in good working condition.

Among the three ambulances are UBK 061U, UBK 579Z and UBK 578 Z.

The sub-counties are Aboke, Alito and Okwerodot.

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