Agago: ‘LC3 bosses use allowances from workshops to run local administrative units’  

Last Updated on: 26th February 2022, 12:06 pm

The affected town councils are Pimol, Lira-Palwo, Adilang and Wol.

By Regina Lalam Olal


Agago – February 26, 2022: Gere-Gere, Laperebong, Ajale, Kuywee, Lira–Katoo, Agengo and Wol sub-counties said they are lacking operational funds. 


The leaders say they suspect laxity by the district technocrats, especially the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO). CAO is blamed for delays in processing funds for the local (lower) administrative units.


Joseph Okot Kicaya is the LC3 chairperson of Laperebong sub-county. Since June last year, he said, “We have never received operation funds from the district apart from guidelines and breakdown of funds in paperwork.”


Okot added that there are so far three different guidelines issued but no money delivered.


Some of these LC3 chairpersons told TND News they are running “their” sub-counties using monies from their pockets and allowances from workshops.


Fred Langoya, is the LC3 chairman of Kuywee sub-county separated from Wol. “There is a struggle to run the sub-county without funds.”


He also said even the locally raised revenue is being collected by the mother sub-counties leaving them without any share.


There is also another breakdown of funds for sub-counties and town councils issued and signed by the Chief Administrative Officer of Agago indicating the allocation of shs 31,330,300 million for sub-counties and shs 50,000,000 million for town councils.

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Stephen Gunya, CAO Agago district said there is already a plan for the new administrative units and accepted delays in payment.


“We were not yet in the system but payment shall be constant and effective in the next financial year,” he revealed.

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