24 February 2024


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K’jong warriors wanted after shooting leg of UPDF private’s wife in Agago

It's also suspected that the armed warriors wanted to gain access to the firearms from the Detach. 
ASP David Ongom Mudong Aswa River Region police spokesperson Photo by Jesse Johnson

Last Updated on: 25th February 2022, 12:13 pm

The armed Karimojong warriors have gone into hiding as security searches for them.


By Kinyera Anthony Lakomekec


Agago – February 25, 2022: Police in Agago district are investigating an alleged raid and shootings reported to have been conducted by the armed Karimojong men.


This incident happened in Omoro-layita 05 Army Detach in Omiya-pacwa sub-county.


The suspected armed men shot and injured the leg of the wife of a UPDF private. 


Acan Judith, 22, a housewife to private Tuka Martine is currently admitted at Kalongo hospital nursing injuries sustained from the gunshot. 


A case of wounding by shooting has been registered at Kalongo Police Station in Agago District under SD REF. 15/23/02/2022 as reported by No. 271159 private Tuka, a UPDF officer. 


ASP Ongom David Mudong, the PRO of Aswa River Region said on February 21, 2022, at around midnight, it’s alleged that a group of suspected armed Karimojong warriors attacked Omoro-layita 05 Army Detach and started shooting, injuring one of Acan’s legs. 


He added that there are no clear motives established yet regarding this incident.


It’s also suspected that the armed warriors wanted to gain access to the firearms from the Detach. 


According to Mudong, statements have been recorded from the soldiers within the detachment to guide in the investigations.


No suspects were arrested by Thursday in connection to this incident but inquiries are ongoing. 


Mudong further warned the locals to emphasize high levels of vigilance, timely reporting suspicious groups of people in their areas. 


He stated that it is also important to note that the current ongoing disarmament exercise in Karamoja has left many of the targeted armed warriors to flee and that they have extended their criminal activities of cattle raids and unjustifiable killings of innocent people from the neighbouring districts.  


“The civilian community is encouraged to remain calm as the security has taken charge of the situation and soon or later will neutralize the perpetrators in all ways possible,” Mudong ended with an assurance.


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