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“Include us in the planning process, not just implementation”: Lango clerics to govt

(Last Updated On: 19 February 2022)

“The government should always speak directly to religious leaders, not through a third party,” Pastor Ogema.

By Awor Christine

Lira – February 19, 2022: Some government officials, in recent months, have called upon clerics to include in their teaching how people can embrace the government programs like Parish Development Model (PDM).

Now, a reminder has been made. State Minister in charge of Bunyoro Affairs, Jennifer Kacha Namuyangu over the weekend in Jinja city asked the Men of God to help mobilize the population to welcome PDM.

TND News has spoken to some religious leaders in the Lango subregion and they had somewhat the same thoughts.

Pastor Johnson Ogema of Victory Outreach Ministries in Lira city, seconded the idea but on a condition.

“It is a great idea, the government most times sidelines religious leaders and only comes back to them whenever they feel like it,” he said.

Ogema added that the government should always speak directly to religious leaders, not through a third party.

Moris Chris Ongom is the Executive Pastor at Truth Fountain Ministries and also doubles as the president of the Lira City Development Forum.  He said for development to occur, it should always involve the kind of leadership that starts from the grassroots.

“Most times the government starts their programs from the top level, by the time they are reaching to the grassroots level, people would have already lost trust in them because of irregularities,” he added.

Ongom who is also an economist and CEO of GLOFORD Uganda reiterated that there is a need to always consult the Church first because it comprises many categories of people who are learned with philosophical ideas.

On the other hand, the Archdeacon of Lira Archdeaconry who also doubles as the Parish Priest of Akia COU, Rev. James Okaka said the government doesn’t always involve clerics in the planning process but only calls upon them during implementation which is a bit tricky for them.

Rev. Jepenia Ivan Bona in Abako, Alebtong warns that the government should always think of the community once their motives are achieved.

“It is the little things you do to the community that matters, make sure all their expectations are met, beginning from the good roads and all the objectives in the project should be clear.”

President Yoweri Museveni will launch the Parish Development Model (PDM) on February 26, 2022, in the eastern district of Kibuku.

The launch of she490 billion PDM is meant to eradicate poverty through the execution of development activities at the parishes.

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