Building Strengths Mindset in Schools to empower professionals 

(Last Updated On: 18 February 2022)

By TND News

Lira – February 16, 2022: Due to Covid-19, schools have been closed twice in Uganda, first in March 2020 (reopened in November 2020), and again in June 2021 (and reopened in January 2022). 

This unprecedented scenario has negatively affected teachers, in ways never seen before in Uganda. Yet most interventions, by both government and civil society organizations, only target students.

The “Building Strengths Mindset in Schools Project” was conceived as a support intervention targeting secondary school teachers, and other professionals, to help them mitigate the effects of school shutdowns and lockdowns.

By allowing teachers and people to know their strengths, they, in turn, will help students and youth also to focus on their strengths, thus improving their resilience during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The project was initiated by Emmanuel Angoda, a teacher at Lira Town College, and an alumna of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, together with U.S.A professional, Lorraine McCamley, who is proprietor of Boldly Quiet Consulting. Emmanuel Angoda is an alumni of the Mandela Washington Fellowship (2019). 

The project, which enrolled participants in February, will directly benefit 30 teachers, and other professionals, most of whom are in Lango sub-region. 

Participants include secondary school teachers, people working in the NGO sector, activists, businesspersons, the clergy, and university students. 

It started with eligible participants applying to join the program in January 2022, and the 30 who were selected were made to undertake the online Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment. 

Currently, participants are doing one-on-one Strength coaching, conducted by Certified Gallup Strength coach, Sènou Francis Degbegni from Benin (West Africa).  

The project will conclude with all 30 selected participants (and other interested persons) attending the virtual Strengths workshop, that will take place in early March 2022. 

This project is being funded by the Mandela Washington Fellowship Reciprocal Exchange. 

The Reciprocal Exchange component provides U.S. citizens with the opportunity to build upon strategic partnerships and professional connections developed during the Mandela Washington Fellowship through virtual and hybrid projects. 

All project components will be performed virtually, via email, WhatsApp, and Zoom platforms. 

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