Ex-minister Atubo tells Lango, Acholi to embrace unity and pray for Oulanyah

Atubu: “There is need for the people of Lango and Acholi to tighten the chain of unity among them.”

By Ceasar Okello

Lira – February 13, 2022: Former Minister of Lands, Housing, and Urban Development Daniel Omara Atubo have reechoed the need for the people of Lango and Acholi to accept that unity is the best way to go.

Omara, who is also the clan leader (Awitong) of Otengoro Olang made the above passionate call on Friday, February, 11.

He was attending the memorial prayer for the late Vincent Okot Amwonya at his ancestral home in Akidi sub-county, Omoro district.

Late Vincent Okot Amwonya was the county chief of the Otengoro Olang clan representing Omoro County.

While addressing the congregation, former minister and MP, Otuke County said, “There is need for the people of Lango and Acholi to tighten the chain of unity among them and forget about what happened during Tito Okello Lutuwa’s regime.”

“This is the time Lango and Acholi should come together and speak the same language of unity and peace if the region is to develop,” Atubo added.

Atubo also used the opportunity to ask mourners and Men of God to pray for the life of Ugandan Speaker of Parliament Jacob Oulanyah who was flown to the USA for specialized medical care.

“The position of the speakership is a very big government arm which means Acholi population should guard it jealously,” former Lawmaker, Atubo said.

He also appealed to the government to ensure that there is total peace and democracy for all Ugandans.

According to him, living without wars does not mean there is peace and what is important is when people are free to exercise their rights and freedom.

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