Kotido tells vendors to get out of main streets

Last Updated on: 3rd February 2022, 11:33 am

Kotido leaders have not told street vendors where to go and they could not tell this publication areas they have gazetted.

By Hope Owiny Ochero

Kotido – February 3, 2022: Kotido municipality’s Central Division leaders have given kiosks owners an ultimatum of one week to remove their kiosks from the major streets.

Should the vendors refuse to follow the given duration, the division says it will apply “forceful evacuation”.

The affected streets include Abim road, Narikapet Street, Basa road and senior quarter’s road opposite Stanbic Bank.

In an exclusive interview with TND News, Esther Nakolong who is the assistant town clerk in charge of central division confirmed the division has given the kiosks owners only one week to leave the main streets.

According to Nakolong, the kiosks have turned to be homes for the street kids who turn up to rob people in the night.

She adds that those who sleep in kiosks defecate in polythene bags and throw the waste on the streets in the morning and also dump garbage anyhow in town.

Land owners where the kiosks are built are told to develop their lands instead of leaving them vacant and turning them to a garbage dumping ground.

“It is on this note that we have arrived at the decision of cleaning up the kiosks from the streets and the enforcement team will start moving around town after one week to forcefully evict those who do not adhere to the directive,” Nakolong added.

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