Security guard arrested after gang men damaged Anaka’s Post Bank ATM

Last Updated on: 28th January 2022, 04:26 pm

The damaged ATM machine is valued at sh150 million, according to a Police spokeperson.

By Okot Lil Romeo

Nwoya – January 28, 2022: Police has arrested a private security guard after an automated teller machine [ATM] belonging to Post Bank, Anaka branch in Anaka town council, Nwoya district was damaged.

Police say he is the first suspect following his poor communication with the scene of crime officers (SOCOs).

The incident happened on Wednesday January 26 in the night when the unknown group entered the ATM unit and broke it down.

The damaged ATM machine is valued at sh150 million, according to the Regional Police spokeperson, ASP David Ongom Mudong.

Mudong said finding shows that there have been ‘loopholes’. He added  the security guard could be involved.

The suspect now in custody, played a syndicate and he is the first suspect on the criminal damage, according to Mudong.

The Aswa River Region PRO, however, revealed that the incident was reported by Tom Wanafasi who is the Operational Branch Manager of the affected branch.

“The unknown gang men’s intention was to steal the money from the bank,” Mudong told this publication, adding that the security guard claimed he heard no sound of breakage into the ATM machine.

TND News understands that there was no light due to an earlier power blackout in the area and the generator was not switched on.

“I could not see any body; the camera was not working to capture the picture of the suspect,” arrested guard told Police.

Mudong described this as “a syndicate statement” justifying a reason for his arrest.

Post Bank Gulu branch Manager told TND News they were not aware of the incident.

However, Ian Mwaka who is the Manager Post Bank Anaka branch denied giving the publication further information, referring our Reporter to contact corporate manager based in Kampala.

“I am on leave and not aware of the incident, no comment for you for what is happening,” Mwaka said.

The crime has been registered at Anaka Police Post vide SD38/25/01/2022.

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