6 years later, Pajule HC IV’s ultrasound machine remains idle

Pajule health centre IV is lacking qualified officers to operate the ultrasound machine donated to it more than five years ago.

By Regina Lalam Olal

Pader – January 26, 2022: The above machine was donated to Pajule Health Center IV by development partners AVSI Foundation and UNICEF in 2016.

Six years later, it has not been used, this publication has learnt.

Anna Apio is the district health officer (DHO) of Pader who confirmed the idleness of the machine, adding, “It is unfortunate that many mothers cannot get the service which is key in pregnancy.”

Apio revealed that the machine is not being used because of a “lack of medical expertise to operate it”.

An ultrasound machine makes images so that organs inside the body can be examined, Apio explained.

On several occasions, the facility has referred mothers and other patients that require ultrasound services to Kalongo hospital, Kitgum government hospital and St Joseph hospital in Kitgum district, respectively.

One of the health workers attached to Pajule Health Centre IV who requested that her identity be concealed told TND News that “mothers are now suffering”.

“When you refer them there is a challenge of transports and additional cost,” she said.

Betty Acan, a resident of Pajule town council said they sometimes seek service from private health facilities. These facilities, she revealed charges from shs20,000 to 50,000 before accessing the ultrasound unit.

According to the Retired Dr Alex Layoo who was the in-charge of Pajule Health Center IV, there was an attempt to identify two staff who would be sent to Kitgum government hospital for training.

The two staff were to gain knowledge under the supervision of other experts, according to Dr Layoo.

The course seems to be futile.

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