Op-ed: The appalling infrastructural and social conditions of Lango – Otto’s note

Otto: “The launch of civic action shall ensure that no vehicle travels along Lira-Kamdini road until the government responds.” 

By Ishaa Otto Amiza

Oyam – December 30, 2021: Thank you for the resilience and hard work you endured to survive during this difficult year, 2021.

The broad daylight stealing of funds meant for the management of the COVID-19 pandemic and the unplanned imposition of the lockdown left you in the worst-ever state of hopelessness with businesses and social life completely shattered.

Whereas the government is aware of the difficulties the common person faces today, the military has, however, overrun the civilian authority and taken over control of all government institutions and public services keeping the civil voices of the people at bay.

The military has deliberately hijacked governance and democratic elections, leading to a terrible collapse of social services, shameless corruption and abuse of human and civil rights, and abuse of public offices by politicians and would be civil servants. 

It’s therefore, these governance challenges that have put Lango and the entire northern region in the worst economic and social situations following the 25 years of civil war and open neglect of the region.

Aware that the regime has been unleashing hostility and violent responses to the demands of the citizens, we contend that it’s time to call upon all concerned citizens of Lango and Uganda in the various diverse orientations, beliefs and practices to come together to demand an end to the NRA-military regime: negligence, pretence and shameless blind fondling of the people of Lango and Uganda.

By this call, I wish to put the government on notice for a civic action against deliberate neglect and blackmail of Lango over critical developments issues. 


This notice sets an ultimatum of two weeks from January 1, 2022. The civic actions, demands the following:

1 The actual tarmacking of Lira- Kamdini road and Rwenkunywe-Apac-Lira road.

2 The immediate payment of verified claimants over purported cattle compensation.

3 A deliberate promotion and deployment of Lango officers in strategic positions in the army and general civil service, where Lango have been sidelined and denied opportunity to serve, arising from discrimination and nepotism.

4 The compensation of losses (lives and property) that continues to happen due to the appalling conditions of Lira- Kamdini road. 

5 The construction of Lango cultural centre as pledged by the government many years back.

It’s now recorded that whereas these issues continue to cause mayhem to Lango, the appalling condition of Lira-Kamdini road tops the priority, where it’s reported that on average, twenty 20 vehicles gets damaged on this road per day and ten (10) people die per week due to accidents from a well potholed major highway. 

The launch of civic action shall ensure that no vehicle travels along Lira-Kamdini road until the government responds. 

We urge PSVs, Buses, Taxis, and Trucks; parks /stage managers in Lira Bus Park and all stages along Lira-Kamdini highway to ensure compliance with this action to avoid embarrassments.

All the affected citizens should corporate and join hands in ensuring that the 35 years of blackmail and misgovernance of the NRA- -militarism is pursued through civil actions over their chronic pretence and gambling, over serious issues that affect the livelihood and growth of Lango.

This is the beginning of efforts to compel the regime to concede, to respect the rights and authority of the people as stipulated in the 1995 Constitution of Uganda.

I wish to warn the state collaborators and operatives to stop their betrayal of the noble cause of Lango on serious national issues.

For God and My Country.

The writer is a former MP, Oyam South.


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