Ajarova, Uganda’s conservationist, tourism expert recollects personal journey

Last Updated on: 20th December 2021, 11:28 am

Who is Lilly Ajarova? She is a Ugandan conservationist and tourism expert. She is the Chief Executive Officer of the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), the government agency charged with promoting the country as a tourism destination.

  • Additionally and prior to assuming the above role on 10, January 2019, for over 8 years, from 1996 until 2005, she worked at the Uganda Wildlife Authority, as the Tourism Development and Marketing Manager.
  • In that capacity, she was responsible for the development of tourism services in all Uganda national parks.

Kampala – 20, December 2021: On Monday, she recounted her professional and personal journey, and below we transcribed what she wrote on Twitter.

“This morning I landed on this photo and it reminded me of the journey I have been on professionally and personally. To many this is just another photo, but to me its passion and dedication captured in camera lens- because that’s what it has been always for me.”

“Great lesson I learnt while working with Chimpanzees was; just like humans have their personalities influenced by their life history & environment they are in. This experience inspired me to try understand each of the chimps as individuals with their different personalities.”


“It’s a lesson I have carried with me in any leadership position I have held. Understanding that your team is made of people who are human beings first before anything else. Do that and you will always get the best out of your team.”

“Someone may ask why is this story relevant? But to me it’s always a reminder that whenever I set out to do something, I am more focused on what impact my work will have to not just me and other people, but the whole world, that guides me a lot. I saw chimps lives change from traumatized and distressed to very happy souls, this is just to show how impactful our work can be.”

“May whatever you set out to do be impactful. Have a great week ahead!”

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