Odaka: Why i think the Congo operation is not primarily about fighting ADF

Last Updated on: 14th December 2021, 01:29 pm

But there could also be a real possibility that we are dealing with an enemy bigger than or beyond ADF.

 By Odaka Asuman

Tororo—13, December 2021: Watching the videos of the UPDF air bombardments and artillery-show of fire-might on the alleged ADF targets inside the DRC made me think the actual intention behind this operation is not all about ADF. After all, Mr. Museveni is a man of opposite. He will state his intention, but not the real ones.

And the 1917 isolationist senator for California Hiram W. Johnson’s statement on wartime falsehood can’t be handier here: “In a situation of war, truth is normally the first casualty.”

The evidence about the falsehood in this operation is illustrated by the irreconcilable contradictions between the dominant narrative told about the ADF, the conduct of the regime in dealing with the problem, the history of the protagonist in Kampala, the recent past utterance against imagined or real threats of those (we were told foreign but also some countries in the region working with some politicians in the country) who want to destabilize Uganda.

It’s not long time ago when government declared to the country that ADF has been annihilated and their remaining fighting strength only numbers to four people.

It’s therefore of an unimaginable magnitude that a group reduced to a combat force of four would mobilize (don’t mind about their method) to form a group so powerful that can only be confronted by such sophisticated fire power from the two countries.

If this is true, then what does this say about our intelligence system whose capabilities the Commander-in-Chief (CiC) speaks so high about? The incapability of our innumerable intelligence agencies to track down combat force of four, allowing them space to mobilize a formidable fighting force not just capable of causing trouble behind UPDF defense line but necessitating armies of two countries including the regional super power should surely be considered as an indictment, criminal negligence and sleeping on job.


Second, from the way the regime has always spoken about, the ADF gives the impression that it’s a light weapon fighting force with absolutely no capability of confronting the UPDF in an open war. That they taught ADF an unforgettable lesson in the Ssemiliki valley when they tried it.

But the firepower combining the Sukhoi war planes, long range artillery fire, among others, speaks to the contrary. It’s as though we are fighting a conventional enemy and I can only dispel this if the UPDF told us the combat size and weapon capabilities of ADF.

Otherwise, the other opinion in the public is that the UPDF opted to demonstrate what Gen. Muhoozi Keinerugaba has been Tweeting to the World about insurmountable and destructive fire capabilities of the Chwezi force, of which the stubborn neighbor in the South must now also be calling on his ancestors.

But there could also be a real possibility that we are dealing with an enemy bigger than or beyond ADF.

There is also another theory about our internal socio-political contradictions. The 2021 elections didn’t leave Uganda the same. The heightened violence, rampant kidnapping, the death of especially opposition supporters and massive human rights abuses left the country extremely disunited, yet internationally, our government was isolated.

These internal contradictions show face in every segment of our society, including within the security forces, yet they seem idle. In this way, any thinking leader must create a mission to make them busy or lest they turn against you the unpopular leader.

The government of Uganda is now evidently isolated. International conferences are for the first time being held but our Ssabalwanyi is ignored; democracy summits are held without his invitation, yet many of his people are being investigated for crimes ranging from human rights abuses, crimes against humanity and corruption.

International magazines such as The Economist even doubt the Jihadist attacks on Uganda, which obviously is intended to discredit Mr. Museveni, the person and our government. Some are even questioning why instead of ADF, its ISIS claiming responsibility for the bombing.

Yet their international terrorism experts still can’t confirm any practical evidence that ADF gets either logistical, training or financial support from the ISIS.

Third, isn’t it of great wonder that almost no country sent a message of solidarity to us or of condemnation against the terrorist attack against us? Isn’t that silent too loud?

Even mere Twitter and Facebook, which have become effective tools of propaganda, are deleting Mr. Museveni aides’ posts and accounts. This is indented to curb his communication reach but also project him as a person who is extremely discredited and therefore should be isolated.

The (mis) handling of the COVID-19, the corruption associated with it, the Chinese loan, the issues of our national assets, among others, presented real and complicated puzzles in the hands of Mr. Tubuhaburwa.

In this kind of scenario, a calculative leader will search for how to rally people and get out of such. I am not sure, but who knows if this is not just that?

Mr. Museveni is a reclusive Muyekera. He will state his goal, but not the real one. The way this war is being executed shows that it was long prepared for, unfortunately, sorry for the followers of Muhammad.

The writer is the National Coordinator, National Economic Empowerment Dialogue (NEED).

Email. asumanmrjn@gmail.com

Tel.:+256 753 195 384

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