Follow up on presidential pledges – Mulembe tells Lango  

Last Updated on: 5th December 2021, 03:46 pm

“The district leaders must know and play their roles which includes tracking, reporting, publicizing the progress and challenges in implementing the government programs,” Tonny Mulembe.

Alebtong—3, December 2021: District local leaders have been urged to follow up on presidential pledges and to monitor different government projects in their locale.

The principal assistant secretary in the Office of the President’s Manifesto Implementation Unit made the call.

Tonny Mulembe, while in Otuke district on December 2, said most people in the community have no knowledge on what the government must do for them.

He was in the district on “monitoring and follow-up visit”.

Mulembe, speaking from the RDC office, further urged local leaders to publicize the government projects like parish development model, among others.

“The district leaders must know and play their roles which includes tracking, reporting, publicizing the progress and challenges in implementing the government programs,” he added.

The Otuke RDC, Christopher Omara said, “We should put Otuke district in the category of the hard-to-reach district.” “The community lacks knowledge about government projects because they only wants to attend meetings that involves facilitations.”

According to the RDC, that is the reason even councilors fear going back to engage their community.

Most of the community members enjoys leaving the monitoring programs only to the leaders he also added.


In 2020, Otuke district had a population of approximately 133,500 people; two constituencies, fourteen (14) sub-counties with fifty-eight (58) parishes and wards.

The district also has [had] forty-five (45) government schools, five seed schools, one technical school, one health center IV and six H/C IIIs of which others are still under construction.

Omara revealed Otuke have 14 administrative units, 52 police officers with only one female officer in the entire district. “We have received more 14 new police officers posted to the district,” RDC told his visitors.

“There has been a disconnection between the locals and the national leaders. It seems there are some people who polish their reports before it reached Mr. President,” he concluded.

The Otuke district vice chairperson, Betty Apio said government should have “equity and balance” in the manifesto implementation.


In Alebtong at the district council hall, the district chairperson David Kennedy (DK) Odongo promised to work hand in hand with his technical team to document and follow up all the presidential pledges which includes “uplifting and improving the standards of the health centers, coding the community schools and improving the road infrastructures”.

“My visit is to bring and engage the local leaders on board to put their energy to parish development model to be progressive,” Mulembe told Alebtong’s DK, adding, “The district plans should be linked to the manifesto and national development plan.”

According to Mulembe, the NRM manifesto 2021-2026 is mainly looking at jobs and wealth creation, delivering education and health, justice and equity, protecting lives and property, and achieving economic and political integration.

President Museveni, in power since 1986, has promised Lango dozens of pledges. Some of his prominent pledges [promises] include: construction of Akii Bua Olympic Stadium, compensating Lango for their stolen cattle, Anai Airport, among others.

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