Kole farmers embrace use of maize sheller as new technology

Last Updated on: 2nd December 2021, 10:09 am

Francis Opio, a director of Agri-farm Farmers Foundation in Abeli reveals, “During the first season, I was able to flourish and make a profit of over shs4m.”

By Patricia Amne Aceng

 Kole—1, December 2021: Residents of Akalo sub-county in Kole district have embraced the new technology introduced by SASAKAWA GLOBAL, a collaborative association that works with four countries; Uganda, Nigeria, Mali and Ethiopia to ease farming.

Dennis Okello, a farmer and a fabricator of a maize sheller commends the initiative introduced by the association in a space of two years. There are notable outcomes among them; the product quality after the activity, low labour force to carry out the assignment and short time he takes during his farm work.

Grateful he is, the son of Akalo has assembled four of the machines because of a high demand and through this, youths have gotten employment opportunities and community risks have since been minimized.

In an exclusive interchange with Francis Opio, a director of Agri-farm Farmers Foundation in Abeli, he reveals during the first season; he was able to flourish and make a profit of over shs4, 000,000 compared to the former years in a-16-acre piece of land from sunflower yields using a jab planter

Responding on the benefits of this machine (Jab planter), Agri-farm boss noted that, “What multiple farmers would do in days is reduced to a day with only one planter with no ache and negative feedback from the agronomists.”


He called upon the interested agriculturists to have a fallback in case of financial crisis by joining clusters and apply for quick loans, by adapting to the new strategy to improve on livelihood in Northern Uganda.

Tadesse Ethiopia, an acting thematic director in charge of monitoring, evaluation, reporting and communication (MERC) based in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia (at a regional office at Addis Ababa) acknowledged the quick adoption of the system in terms of intervention.

IMG 20211201 WA0005
Tadesse Ethiopia, the acting Thematic Director in charge of MERC addressing the media in Kole. Photo by Patricia Amne.

She said they not only aim at providing affordable technologies or production but also equip them, provide services, and build the capacities of the farmers to the consumers as a secondary level of production and improving on the nutrition of the beneficiaries.

Sasakawa Africa Association works in partnership with the ministry of Agriculture in all the four green belts and assures them (ministries) a leeway for adoption with the governments and other extensive workers across the territories.

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