Soroti city council approves MP Ebwalu’s market in Obutei

By Robert Edwomu

 Soroti—25, November 2021: Soroti City West Division councilors have approved and absorbed a daily market started by the division MP, Jonathan Ebwalu. The market is located in Obutei cell Arapai Ward, Soroti City.

The approval comes three weeks after the Member of Parliament launched a daily market. They estimate its construction at shs24m.

The council that sat today Wednesday unanimously agreed to adopt the market as the city market turned to a weekly market, hosting traders each Thursday.

The market that has been named after Arapai weekly market will see several traders of livestock across the region trade easily.


Joseph Ochen is the Deputy Mayor and Leader of Government Business in council. He says the council approved more motions, among others include: establishing Bus and Taxi terminals, approving area land committee, setting up another daily market in Agora Ward, and others.

He also states that the council deferred a motion of approving local council low court which was contested because of gender balance.

Betty Akiro, councilor of Arapai Ward says economy at household level will now improve since women can easily trade with their commodities.

She notes that domestic violence case will now reduce as money gets closer to households.

Anthony Omaje is the Amen ward councilor who says their hopes for revenue collections in the division are now rejuvenated since the set institutions generate money.

Joan Alobo Achom, Woman Member of Parliament Soroti City applauds the council for their focused-visionary leadership geared at developing the city.

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