OPINION – Video: “Uganda medicines under attack”

Last Updated on: 24th November 2021, 08:34 pm

By James William Mugeni 

 Ohio, USA—24, November 2021: In certain limited cases, the use of forensic hypnosis can be an aid in the investigative process. Witnesses to crimes have been able to recall certain facets of the crime while in a hypnotic state they had not remembered without hypnosis.

Using hypnosis, however, is subject to serious objections and thus should be used only on rare occasions.

The information got from a person while in a hypnotic trance cannot be assumed to be accurate. Therefore, any information got by the use of hypnosis must be thoroughly checked as to its ultimate accuracy and corroborated.

It would therefore be advisable to first consult with a board-certified forensic psychologist/ psychiatrist to find out if the matter in question is appropriate for the application of forensic hypnosis.

Because of the question of admissibility with regard to information retrieved within a hypnosis session, for example, in the USA, the Assistant United States Attorneys would consider the appropriateness and potential application of the cognitive interview before using hypnosis.

The cognitive interview is a non-hypnotic structured interview used to enhance the witness’s ability to remember an event by engaging in a reconstruction of the context in which the event took place. In this type of interview, the witness is asked to: Who defends people who are shot daily?

 In Uganda, we have all the SOPs for Covid-19 but we have failed to come up with SOPs for endemic military operations. Medicine relates so much with what is happening in the country.

How can a doctor and other health workers not know that salaries are in a vicious cycle between those who meaningfully work to get taxed to pay health workers?


Ugandan health worker is even becoming a less taxpayer. We are all entering into consumerism and this is a result of poor governance. State terrorism destroys everyone.

Using a medical practitioner as we have seen in a video viral online [below] to get information must highly be condemned. It is an attack on the profession and health workers should not keep quiet about it. Already, we have seen too many people maimed under police custody and denied medical treatment.

Why are we breaking societies to this extent? Look at the Sheik who was arrested handcuffed and shot. Why wouldn’t his children become stone dull in their hearts of hearts? And should this go unchecked?

Police must produce a footage of that murder and whoever pulled the triggers charged. Produce footage of him fighting and running away from the arrest; technology is now everywhere to provide information needed.

The author is a Medical Clinical Officer/Certified Public Manager

Phone: +1 515-346-5317

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