Dokolo: Residents say what they think as terrorists test strength of Uganda’s arsenals

Last Updated on: 23rd November 2021, 07:06 pm

By Norine Kazombo

Dokolo—23, November 2021: Following the recent bombings that occurred in the capital of Uganda and outside on a bus, many people across the entire country have been asked to take precautions and be vigilant.

The Islamic States (IS) liked to Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels have claimed responsibilities for the recent explosions in Uganda. Over 10 people have been killed, and dozens wounded.

Today, TND News brings out reactions, fears and suggestions from some residents of Dokolo district (Town Council).

Okello Oscar is the spokesperson of a Business Community of Dokolo. “As a business community of Dokolo we are very vigilant individually though there is no proper measures put in place to prevent such terror attacks that might come up anytime.”

He has urged security forces, including the Police to join hands and put protective measures at all gathering places like markets. He said since open markets have resumed, there is a need for better security measures to be put in place.

Okello, in an interview, encouraged the public to be extra vigilant. He added that people have thoughts and ideology that the bomb blast only happens in cities, saying “a plan of a terrorist is unknown and has no specified place and location to carry out their attacks.”

Samuel Opio deals in second-hand clothes. He said he is doing his business with fears, more so during the weekly open market on Saturday in Dokolo. The market brings people from different locations and it is, according to him harboring fears within the people.

He advised that there is a need for security measures to the communities and at all gathering places in the district.

Awor Doreen, an elderly woman who sells tomatoes, flour and greens (vegetables) says business authority at the market should not wait for security personnel to come and protect their people.

“They as the authorities should have some few measures put in place as they wait from the Police to come in. It’s the life of the business communities, authorities should act first as they wait for aid from outsiders,” she added.


Oscar Susan Obongi of Ajiba Catholic Chapel in Adeknino sub-county said as Church leaders they have stopped their congregations from carrying bags and wearing heavy to Church.

“Always be vigilant and know the people around you and be your own guard by avoiding over crowded place since a lot is happening in our country,” she offered her guidance.

The District Police Commander (DPC) Dokolo Busheja Hannington Kanimi said much as the country is under terrorism attacks, Dokolo is not exceptional to other parts of the country.

“People should be alert and vigilant to report anything or any person who is acting strange.Report to the relevant authorities,” DPC added.

Kanimi ‘urged and requested fellow citizens and the public to create awareness to the children’ to report any object which is strange to the nearest Police outpost in the sub-counties and the district.

“…. use the relevant authorities and the local leaders. If we do all these as a team, we will end criminality in our country as a whole.”

On Tuesday 16 November 2021, a deadly blast happened on Parliamentary Avenue and opposite Kampala Central Police Station. The twin blasts left over seven people dead, and many injured.

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