3 ways to find your next entrepreneurial opportunity

(Last Updated On: 11 November 2021)

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By Naomi Kirungu 

“Opportunity never knocks twice on anyone’s door” is an old proverb that is used to encourage us to grab opportunities when they present themselves or risk losing out.

As an entrepreneur, opportunities are vital to actualizing your vision. Waiting for an opportunity to knock at your door is the reactive approach.

As the world becomes more competitive, you need to increase your chances of finding these opportunities – even if it means creating your own.

Here are 3 ways you can begin finding and preparing for your own entrepreneurial opportunity today:

Build a diverse skill set
Entrepreneurs wear many hats from finance to marketing and sales. Having even the most basic knowledge in core business areas will help your business tremendously.

Stay up to date with the latest in news and trends in your industry
You can easily do this by regularly seeking information from different avenues. These can include attending conferences, listening to podcasts or conversations from thought leaders in your industry or, keeping track of what’s happening on social media.

Business networking – with professionals
The next person you meet could be the source of the opportunity you are seeking. As an entrepreneur, having people skills is vital to your success. Actively engaging with your network could open doors you never knew existed.

Take the chance, step out of your comfort zone and begin creating your own opportunities today.

The author is Manager – Community & Customer at African Management Institute 

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