Why NRM popularity is declining: 8 out of 10 supporters are bitter with M7

ISO operatives including DISO are too poor to even conduct surveillance and Intelligence gathering in one sub county.

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 By Buyinza Adam Luzindana

 Kayunga—6, November 2021: While I may not be a leader in Kayunga and not a stakeholder in Kayunga politics, I remain a concerned citizen- wananichi with my observations outlined below:

The divisions and cliques in Kayunga district perpetuated by senior political leaders in Kayunga will never allow NRM to redeem itself.

The militarization of the politics of Kayunga by different political camps remains a huge challenge.

Failure by government to effectively implement its own programs and projects in the districts. The people of Kayunga has for long been assured of programs and projects but they never materialize.

In every 10 NRM people u see, 8 are very bitter, frustrated and disappointed. They were either promised something by the President or top NRM official and it was never fulfilled. Abantu Banyivu nyo.

Continuous land grabbing with impunity in Baale County defines the reason why the NRM lost in 2021 general election.

The diminishing capabilities of the ISO in Kayunga that used to gather intelligence from villages and find better solutions. ISO operatives including DISO are too poor to even conduct surveillance and Intelligence gathering in one sub county. These operatives can’t even afford bundles yet the populace continues their political activism on social media.

Some ISO operatives survive on the mercy of politicians in the district. President Museveni now relies on political intelligence of politicians.

Skyrocketing poverty and unemployment in Kayunga. People are poor and most youth are not employed. The district has many graduates but they are jobless and they have no access to start up capitals.

Poverty and greed exhibited by NRM party officials and government officials in Kayunga. It’s only NRM officials who address people in a sub county and end by contributing nothing to their projects.

How can you be in government but you can’t contribute to community-based projects? You only make statements such as “Museveni oyeee, NRM Juuu”. The party in power must empower its cadres to support community-based initiatives or we continue to lose.

The rise of the National Unity Platform and Bobi Wine. Bobi Wine remains a huge force in Kayunga politics and is an icon to the majority of youth who see him as the savior. He has a well-packaged message for the youth and a clear message against the government. He points out the challenges in communities and NRM people respond by abusing him instead of engaging people and devising best interventions. NRM strategy of abusing Bobi Wine and his supporters is a sign of backwardness and ideological bankruptcy.

Arrogance, pride, self glorification and superiority complexion by NRM officials in Kayunga remain a tactical bottleneck to the NRM. The NRM which rose on the platform of talking, convincing and Siasa is now into arrogance, pride, threats, intimidation, posturing, intrigue, professional abuse, etc. What really happened to my party? 90% of NRM top leaders and members are defined by the above.

The district is detached from the Office of the President and Office of the NRM National Chairman. While the ONC recruited vote protectors in the 2021 general election, most of these people where isolated by the powerful egocentric political cartels in Kayunga. Some of them were even threatened to be arrested by different forces in Kayunga. We therefore lost the role the vote protectors played in other districts.

Lack of political direction to the district from NRM CEC or central government. The district is an orphan; it has no political father and mother. No clear direction at all. Hate and bitterness dominate the politics of Kayunga. Where are the NRM national leaders?

Limited involvement of rich people in Kayunga into the district politics and guidance. Majority of wealthy sons and daughters of Kayunga are completely detached from Kayunga intriguing politics. These boys only appear on social functions and disappear. They all avoid egocentric and brutal NRM officials in Kayunga. Self-centered politicians lead all camps.

The credible leaders or people in Kayunga are rarely involved or invited for political activities in Kayunga. The politics is about friends not competence. NRM flag bearers are sidelined from meetings just because they lost in the general elections. If you belong to a certain camp, the other camp won’t invite you. This explain why NRM lost great cadres like Patrick Nsanja.

Lack of public awareness and information dissemination of government achievements. NRM must invest in information dissemination and public awareness not propaganda and threatening people.

The fact is NUP is deep-rooted in Kayunga and Bobi Wine is a huge force. As the President of Uganda, you need to rethink and adopt new strategies for Buganda and Busoga.

NRM must stop its lies and fulfill pledges. The President promised most NRM cadres money, scholarships, etc but up to now they are still waiting and sometimes they are threatened by officials in government. The real enemies of NRM are now the mobilisers, supporters and members of NRM who were promised support, and they did not fulfil it.

People are bitter… people have lost hope, people are frustrated by the system they have supported for decades. Stop lies. Stop promising what you can’t fulfill. Now NRM people no longer trust their own President. What a shame…?

Let me stop here Mr. President. These are the facts on the ground but you are free to verify them.

For God and My Country

 The author founded the NRM Poor Youth from Kayunga District

Tel: +256701992426

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