Pallisa: Judiciary vehicle kills ‘popular’ Kibale peasant

Last Updated on: 1st November 2021, 07:24 pm

The driver of the Judiciary vehicle continued to drive nonstop, and nobody has heard from him.

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By Jonah Osike

Palisa – 1 November 2021: Residents of Obobono cell, Obobono parish in Kibale town council, Pallisa district have welcomed the month of November with a deep sorrow, after an accident claimed one of their own.

Augustine Osire, popularly known as ‘Alalan’ was knocked dead Sunday evening by a government vehicle. The incident took place in Kibale trading centre.

The deceased at the time of his death was believed to be in his late 50s.

A speeding government vehicle for Judiciary with registration No UG 0898 J was heading towards Kumi district from Kampala.

James Otudo, one of the eye witnesses said the deceased was knocked while on his way home from the said trading center around 8:30pm.

“Alalan had just left the center for home but unfortunately, he was knocked over and died instantly,” an eye witness said.

Otudo added, “All his legs are broken and most of his body parts are seriously wounded.”

According to the residents, the said area has of late been too prone to motor crashes, with three incidents occurring in a space of less than two months.

“So far about three people have been knocked here and the challenge we have is that most of the drivers and boda boda riders over speed on the road,” residents unanimously said.

George William Ariong, an in-law to the deceased revealed that he met the deceased two hours before his sudden death.

“I met him on the way as he was heading to the center and he was very healthy, I can’t believe that he has suddenly gone,” said Ariong.

Alalan has been a renowned peasant farmer in the community and he leaves behind two women with 9 orphans.

After knocking the now a deceased, the driver of the vehicle continued. Nobody has heard from him.

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