Lira RCC to peace disruptors: “We are watching you”

Last Updated on: 1st November 2021, 10:20 pm

Lira RCC to peace disruptors: “We are watching you”

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By Isabella Awor

Lira – 1, November 2021: The Resident City Commissioner (RCC) of Lira City has cautioned peace disruptors, especially those planning to plant bombs.

In recent days, Uganda registered two incidences in which two people died following two separate explosions in Kampala and in a travelling bus heading to Western Uganda. 

Police later called it “an act of domestic terror”.

On Monday, Lawrence Egole who is the Lira RCC addressed the media, talking security, education and health matters.

The RCC said as security team they will ensure that such security threats does not continue to happen to the people. “No amount of threat can discourage the leadership and the people of Uganda,” he said.

According Egole, it is a waste of time for the wrong elements trying to move around the country to cause confusion and damages.

Egole added that the peace disruptors think they will cause fear to people through bombings. “As security team in Lira city we will not take that matter lightly.”

He cautioned youth and people of Uganda not to allow to be recruited to take part in such act because they will be “ruined and lost”.

“We are watching them closely so they must stay warned,” head of city security announced.

Schools resume

Egole has urged school authorities to be vigilant and take extra security measures through proper checking before people access the school premises.

“Where the institution feels they need services of the security personnel they should alert us anytime and we will be at their service.”

To his surprise, Egole says some churches are relax on security measures, announcing that it’s high time surveillance cameras are installed in strategic places in churches and schools such that people are monitored.

They are giving all the teachers and students opportunity to vaccinate because there are still some vaccines left.


RCC said out of 17 Covid-19 patients admitted at the treatment center, 5 are male and 12 females: 15 are severely ill.

He said 118 are on home base care within Lango region, including 9 who are critically ill and on oxygen.

He asked for extra care against the pandemic, cautioning people selling fake vaccination cards.

“People who are buying fake cards are wasting their time, we don’t have their particulars on the data.’’

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