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Govt develops land acquisition, resettlement and rehabilitation policy

(Last Updated On: 26 October 2021)

The currently developed laws have an impact on land for investments to be accessed, administered and managed.

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By Jonah Osike

Soroti – 26, October 2021: The government of Uganda through the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development is set to develop the National Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy (NLAR&RP).

The policy a framework for land acquisition, resettlement and rehabilitation of affected persons and communities in the country.

Speaking as a representative of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Lands during the “Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on Responsible Investments in Land” organized by GIZ in Kampala, Harrisson Irumba, the Assistant Commissioner Policy Analysis noted that the policy is being developed, taking into account emerging issues in the process of land acquisition for investment purposes.

Irumba further notes that the ministry is also seeking to reform a number of laws in the sector to bridge the gaps in regards to land ownership in the country.

He highlights that the Ministry is seeking to review among others: the Land Act, Cap 227, Land Acquisition Act, Cap 226, Registration of Titles Act, Cap 230 and Survey Act.

The commissioner further notes that the Ministry is also developing new laws such as the Uganda Land Commission Law and the Valuation Law.

All these laws have an impact on land for investments to be accessed, administered and managed.

“The Ministry is currently implementing the National Land Information System, which is operational in all the 22 Ministry’s Zonal Offices (MZOs) across the country where investors can be able to access land related services and information which is aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness in regards to service delivery,” he told the meeting.

Irumba emphasizes that the Ministry hopes to address the challenges of accessing land for investment “for our local investors” as well as building their capacity in managing the established investments in Uganda.

The commissioner also noted that the government has put in place measures to ensure that there is responsible investment in land. Some of these measures are policy, legal and administrative in nature.

The government formulated the National Land Policy (2013) as a framework for administering and managing land and land based resources in Uganda which also provides reforms geared towards having an efficient and effective land delivery system, which is a basis for poverty reduction, wealth creation and socio-economic transformation of the country, he adds.

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