Lira City: 10 key Covid resolutions public told to follow

Last Updated on: 23rd October 2021, 09:43 am

10 key Covid resolutions public told to follow

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Lira – 23, October 2021: On Thursday, Lira City Covid-19 taskforce leaders met to forge ways of suppressing the pandemic. That meeting would later resolve on 10 key measures.

Speaking to TND News that day, Lira City’s Deputy Resident City Commissioner (DRCC) Paul Eseru said: “The resolution will restore compliance among the population.” Read more: Breaking

After the decisive meeting, the following resolutions were made.

1. A joint security team comprising of Police and UPDF should liaise and immediately start arresting those found not following the SOPs e.g. wearing masks.

2. Stringent actions should be taken on motorists found riding/driving within town beyond curfew time and they should be arrested and arraigned before the Court of Law.

3.Public places like main market, produce line, commercial shops, bus park, among others found not following the SOPs: not having hand washing facilities, people not wearing face mask, no social distancing will be closed with immediate effect starting from Monday, 25 October, 2021.

4. Health inspectorate department of Lira City Council should do vigorous/mass sensitisation of the communities within town to adhere to the SOPs.

5. The DPC must mount check points/road blocks targeting motorists not adhering to the SOPs: trucks ferrying traders to the outside market who are always congested, passangers not wearing face masks and the vehicle be impounded and taken to police station.

6. The office of the RCC is to organize a joint regional meeting with all the heads of security within Lango to find a solution on how they can enforce SOPs/presidential directives within their areas of jurisdiction.

7. The office of the RCC is to investigate the issue of issuance of fake vaccination cards to unvaccinated persons and give a report to the task force.

8. The office of the CISO to come up with a clear list of learning institutions who are operating illegally and report to the task force on Thursday 28 October, 2021.

9. The office of the City Town Clerk should deploy the City Council law enforcement officers within to enforce adhering to SOPs within the City center.

10. Buses and taxis like drones should be thoroughly checked at check points installed along the highways and if found not following the presidential directives, they should be stopped and taken to the police station. Buses moving beyond curfew time will be detained at check points till morning.

Covid updates

Uganda has recorded 125,537 cumulative cases since March 2020. Of these, 111 new cases were for 20, October.

The country has also administered 2,688,361 total doses of vaccines while 96,469 have recovered from the virus, according to the ministry of health.

In Lira City, at least 57% of the target population have received the jabs. These are teachers, security personnel, among others.


On Friday night, DRCC Eseru says operations were conducted within the City and “several hardcore fellas” from different drinking spots got arrested.

He said Saturday that about 30 people were arrested; 16 motor vehicles and 10 motorcycles were impounded.

“They are going to be arraigned in the Courts of Law,” he told TND News.

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