TND News, LCC FC and COLADA sign a 2yr partnership deal worth shs80m

Last Updated on: 18th October 2021, 12:02 am

TND News is now the official digital media of LCC FC and COLADA until 2023

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Kampala – 17, October 2021: The long wait is over! The partnership deal between The Northern Daily (TND News), Lira City Council Football Club (LCC FC) and COLADA is signed and now official.

Both parties, prior to the official agreement signing on Sunday 17, October had several discussions and meetings to find out “good working terms” and understand “the future of football” for the new born, LCC FC.

Speaking before the signing, Milton Emmy Akwam, the CEO of TND News said, “Effective today, we want to push LCC FC and COLADA as we also grow along. TND News is growing and our belief is to start supporting ideas and organisations led by young people with ideas like us.”

Akwam, earlier described the decision to partner with, and support LCC FC and COLADA “as the best in years”. “We are all giving ourselves the push,” he said of the milestone.

TND News and GLCSMS investment (partnership deal) is worth over shs30m, and the overall partnership deal between both parties is valued at shs80m. Within two years, the total sum is expected to reach shs100m.

With this deal expiring in June 2023 and further years of extending it, TND News becomes the official digital media outlet of LCC FC and COLADA.

“On my own behalf as Lira City Council Football Club and Collaboration for Lango Development Association (COLADA) president, and on behalf of the fans and supporters of both entities, i want to applaud TND News for believing in our great destiny right from inception,” says Erick Okek.

“Whilst we appreciate their offer and committment to marketing LCC FC, we appreciate more the spirit and motive behind; a friend in need is a friend indeed and so is TND News,” he adds.

“Our counter offer as LCC FC is putting TND News logo at the collar of our jerseys, putting their banners at our training grounds and during all competetive games, among other arrangement.”

“They will serve as our official online news platform. We urge our fans and supporters to embrace this partnership as it is a perfect example of a symbiotic relationship,” LCC FC president said Sunday.

The signing of the deal was witnessed by other officials from LCC FC and COLADA, all of whom had this to say:

Odich Ivan, Treasurer, “The landmark agreement between LCC FC and TND News sets a new direction in corporate entities, supporting of football in Lira, Northern Uganda and Uganda at Large.”

“This is a call for companies, organisations and individuals to continue supporting football efforts as a key driver to corporate and social responsibility in the society…..”

He adds: “This will solidify the financial position of sports entities like Lira City Council Football Club, increasing capacity to nurture talents and promote quality football as is the case in European Leagues which are the best football leagues in the world.”

He appreciated TND News team, LCC FC and COLADA for making this “landmark agreement a success”.

Deo Oguti, Secretary General, “This is the trend Lango should take if our glory days of football should return. Thanks to TND News for being the first partner to sign with LCC FC.”

“We need more of such to join in at this initial stage and push this brand together as Lango because this is where our pride will come from.”

IMG 20211017 WA0027
LCC FC president Erick Okek (L) Milton Emmy Akwam of TND News and Ivan Odich, LCC FC Treasurer pose for a group photo Sunday.

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