Prof. Ogwang develops HIV therapy, criticizes Africa’s research systems

Prof. Ogwang develops HIV therapy, criticizes Africa’s research systems

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By Robert Edwomu

Soroti – 15, October 2021: As the world struggles to find a cure for the HIV/AIDS that has claimed millions of lives and millions  infected with it, Uganda is offering some hope.

Uganda is a country where its citizens are committed and innovative, but to some extent they lack government backing.

One national whose stories (invention) made headlines in recent months is Prof. Ogwang Patrick. He invented Covidex for suppressing Covid-19.

Trusted by the works of Covidex, JenaSM, ArtavoPlus, JenaDSXtra, Jenafit, JenacofDS and Jenaprunus among other medicines, Dr. Ogwang also revealed that he has again developed ‘products’ for HIV patients which are currently spread across the country.

He further disclosed that he ‘designed his PhD studies to get knowledge and products’ which is now being converted to money in Uganda and overseas.

Jena Artemune is an HIV ‘perfect Adjunct therapy’ to Antiretroviral drugs that increases the population of CD4 cells or T-cells with mild antiviral effects that generally improves body immunity.

The therapy contains extracts of Deartemisinised Artemisia Annua, persea Americana moringa, oleifera and Cymbopogon citratus

According to Ogwang, this is an HIV support treatment that helps positive living patient’s body immunity to fight the virus.

Ogwang says in his visits to China, 95% of the China pharmacists stock and sell their own made drugs but in Uganda, it’s a reverse order.

He states that Uganda is less considering her own scientists yet they are performing wonders abroad.

The Covidex inventor also criticized the research systems in Africa, saying research in the continent is based on getting knowledge, degrees, titles and promotions not problem solving.

He says Africa’s problem is poverty, disease and ignorance, adding that many Universities do research for publications not on problem solving.

“I don’t do research for publication. Our students and academia produce papers every year but none of it is converted to problem solving,” Ogwang roars.

He states that HIV therapy and other products can be found in Aba and Mandela Pharmacies in Soroti City and others in various parts of the country.

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