UN chief calls on countries to provide food to Afghanistan

Last Updated on: 12th October 2021, 05:04 pm

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Lira, Uganda | 12, October 2021: The fall of Afghanistan capital Kabul to Taliban months ago shocked the entire world.

Powerful countries like the United States of America and the United Kingdom were in the final processes of withdrawing their military forces.

After the fall, hundreds of thousands were stranded and dozens have since fled the Asian country to other nations.

East African country, Uganda accepted to temporarily accommodate 2,000 eveacuees on the request of the United States government.

In August, 51 Afghanistan nationals landed in Uganda, a country now hosting over 1.5m refugees.

 The war in Afghanistan started in October 2001, killing more than 46,000 civilians, and about 2,500 United States troops are reported to have died since 2001, according to Reuters.

Now, according to Al Jazeera, 3.8m people have received food support in Afghanistan since the takeover by the Taliban months ago.

The G20 leaders are to hold virtual meetings later, with the United Nations Chief, Antonio Guterres calling on countries to distribute food and other logistics.

Al Jazeera further reported Tuesday afternoon (EAT) that 18m of over 37m total Afghanistan people rely on foreign support to survive.

Under new leadership, Afghanistan is yet to get to peace with reported cases of human rights abuses and killings ongoing. Women and girls remain the most abused, since takeover.

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