Soroti: witch-doctor ritually makes three thieves eat grass

Last Updated on: 2nd October 2021, 11:00 am

Some Soroti youth smoke opium mixed with grey hair… one resident claims

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By Jonah Osike

Soroti—2, Oct 2021: Residents of Amoroto ‘B’ village in Awailiwal sub-county in Soroti district have been left in total shock after three men suspected to be thieves were found eating grass, Thursday afternoon.

This happened following several rituals performed in the same area by one Peter Ojwang, a witch doctor from Budaka.

Two of the three suspects identified as Oraba and Ben Onyait are both residents of Amoroto ‘A’ village, while Enou is a resident of Abia village.

They allegedly stole three sheep belonging to one Richard Elasu who’s a resident of Amoroto ‘B’ village.

Elasu, while speaking to TND News reporter, narrated that he has lost several properties that include about 20 chickens; animals, saucepans, food and other household property.

He adds that in the recent incident he lost three sheep, prompting him to consult a witch doctor to help net the perpetuators.

“I have suffered a lot and this time round I had to contact one friend of mine who connected me to this witch doctor to help me catch these thieves and am convinced they are the ones who have been stealing my property,” said Elasu.

“I have spent about shs2.5million to catch them. Now I want six sheep and some money from each of them to recover what was stolen,” he adds.

However, one suspect only identified as Enou says he is a strong believer who has never engaged in such criminal acts, and vows never to pay for what he has not done but attests that Ben Onyait who is his cousin brother has a record of theft.

“I am very innocent, a true believer, and I have never stolen in my life. My hands are clean. God will pay for what I have gone through and am not ready to pay for a crime I have not committed,” confesses Enou.

On the other hand, Justine Emalu, the village LC1 chairperson Amoroto ‘B’ confirms that over 10 families in his village have lost various items to thieves and also reveals that this is now the second time they have resorted to witchcraft to help curb the vice in the area.

“Very many people have suffered from this village because of thieves. This is not the first time we are using a witch doctor. The first one we brought disappointed us till we got this man from Budaka who has successfully helped us to net the suspects today,” village leader, Emalu adds.

Emalu now calls upon government authorities to combine effort in order to get rid of the vice in the area.

Some of the residents whom we spoke to testified that the community has suffered a lot. However, majority of them blame the increase of theft cases in their village to drug abuse among the youth.

Basil Elasu, one of the residents said that on Monday this week, he lost his only big cock to thieves.

“The problem is that many of the youth don’t heed to advice due to drug abuse. A majority of them smoke opium mixed with grey hair, therefore they forced to still under the influence of drugs,” Elasu said.

The families of the three suspects were yet to meet with the complainant in order to harmonize the matter.

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