PLTE graduates signed the Resolution at the 1st ‘International Womens Peace Lecturer Network hosted by IWPG. Provided by IWPG

IWPG hosts the 1st “International Women’s Peace Lecturer Network”

(Last Updated On: 2 October 2021)

IWPG hosts the 1st “International Women’s Peace Lecturer Network”

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  • The International Women’s Peace Lecturer Network is expected to spread women’s peace education around the world as a steppingstone
  • More than 600 female leaders from around the world attended, including those who completed the Women’s Peace Lecturer Training Education (PLTE)
  • Discussion on the topic of ‘The Strength of Women to Lead a World of Sustainable Peace’

Seoul, South Korea 2, October 2021: The International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG, Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon) successfully hosted the 1st “International Women’s Peace Lecturer Network” online on September 30, 2021.

The event was held under the theme of ‘The Strength of Women to Lead the World of Sustainable Peace’, and was attended by a total of 600 female leaders from Korea and abroad, including those who completed the PLTE (Peace Lecturer Training Education).

The Women’s Peace Lecturer Training Education (PLTE) first started in Seoul, Korea in 2017, and spread overseas to 21 countries (China, Nigeria, India, Timor Leste, Germany, Myanmar, and 15 others) in 2018 with 10 training lessons.

In 2019, it produced the first 60 graduates from 7 countries, including China, Ethiopia, and Iraq. In 2020, there were 640 graduates from 11 countries. In 2021, there are 640 graduates and 430 trainees waiting for completion for a total of 1,080 woman’s peace lecturers throughout 77 countries.

Peace begins with ‘me’ and spreads to families, neighbors, society, the country, and the world. This is the core of PLTE. Bringing 3.9 billion women around the world together through PLTE, and continuously planting seeds of peace as female leaders, is the reason for holding the 1st International Women’s Peace Lecturer Network.

At the event, Kurdistan Abdulaziz Nabi, social worker from Iraq; JungShik Lee, General Director of the Department of Peace Education in IWPG Daejeon Chungcheong Branch, Korea, and Viktoija Mousa, Founder of Touring School from Deutschland, presented case studies with information on implementation, improvement, and announcement of future plans for PLTE.

Kurdistan Abdulaziz Nabi said, “At first, the students thought there was no way to achieve peace because they were born in conflict and war. I learned how to make it happen and minimize conflict.”

Director Jeong Shik Lee said, “The Daejeon Chungcheong Branch in South Korea trained 61 peace lecturers from February to September 2021. The graduation ceremony was held on September 11th, a day that many remember as the terror of 911. However, it came to be remembered as a day reborn as peace.”

“The response from the students was overwhelming, some wept with emotion, some wanted to get up and express their determination to themselves, to life and peace,” said Viktoija Mousa. “We discussed and practiced tolerance and respect even when we were different from others.”

Then, all PLTE graduates signed the ‘PLTE Lecturer Resolution’, and Ejura Okpanachi from Germany read the resolution on behalf of the graduates.

With the 1st “International Women’s Peace Lecturer Network” as a steppingstone, IWPG will form a network of lecturers from each country. It was announced that IWPG will continuously hold lecturer webinars and conduct PLTE in the local language to promote and educate women around the world for more voluntary participation in women’s peace education.

Peace Lecturer Viktoija Mousa from Germany presenting her case study. Provided by IWPG 1
Peace Lecturer Viktoija Mousa from Germany presenting her case study. (Provided by IWPG)

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