Apac: Covid-19 surges with PR at 10.9% – health secy says

Last Updated on: 19th September 2021, 09:09 am

Apac: Covid-19 surges with PR at 10.9% – health secy says

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Lira – 19, September 2021: The Covid-19 pandemic has now found it ways to villages where it’s testing the strength of the existing health infrastructure.

The pandemic is affecting key (all) sectors of the economy and most notably, overwhelming health facilities and its staff.

As per the test results released by the Ministry of Health for 16 September, 99 new cases were confirmed out of 3,928 total tests done. The national test positivity rate (PR) stands at 2.5% as of 16, September 2021.

Oyam district recorded six (6) cases and Kampala led with 21 cases. Apac ‘didn’t register any infection’ as its name missed out among districts and cities.

However, test results for 15 September confirmed 200 new cases. Out of 31 districts where testing were carried out, Apac came on top with 27 new cases. Ngora, Soroti, Gulu and Kwani followed with 23, 21, 17 and 4 new cases, respectively.

In his message to journalists from Lango Saturday evening, Sam Opira, who is the secretary health and education with the Apac district local government added his voice on the need for extra care as Covid-19 continues to surge in the district.

“….it’s no joke at all and please let’s continue to put on our masks, wash our hands, sanitize and avoid sitting in crowded places,” Opira says.

“As you may have heard, we are leading in the region in terms of the positivity rate standing at up to 10.9% and non or low compliance to SOPs can be blamed for this surge,” he adds.

According to the health secy, this may prompt us to suffer dire consequences like internal lockdown among many others.

“So never trust a friend around you.
I urge us to continue adhering to the approved SOPs so we can be protected from the deadly virus, thanks and may God bless us all during this tough time.”

At least 3,119 deaths have been recorded in the country since last year. 95,835 have recovered and 355 are on admission at different health facilities.

Since March 2020, 1,639,822 tests have been conducted; 1,697,748 have been vaccinated against the virus.

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