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Revealed: Why Soroti Council shifted its headquarters to Katine

(Last Updated On: 14 September 2021)

Revealed: Why Soroti Council shifted its headquarters to Katine

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By Robert Edwomu

Soroti—14, September 2021: Soroti district authorities have disclosed reasons why the district council had its new district headquarters transferred from the current base to Katine.

Last week on Thursday, Soroti district council sat for its first council to decide on where the district headquarters should be situated.

This came after the 2016-2021 council failed to rule on a new district home and deferred it to the current council since Soroti was granted city status on 10 August 2020.

Two places were proposed to have the district administrative structures shifted, that is Katine Sub-county and Arapai Sub-county, all in Dakabela county, Soroti district.

Soroti district has three constituencies, namely Soroti County, Gweri County and Dakabela County.

Bob Owiny, the district councilor for Tubur Sub-county, narrates that during the council session, all councilors were given the opportunity to present their views based on what people say about where the headquarters should go.

He says the heated deliberations left the Speaker, Stephen Olebe, with no option other than to go for the secret ballot to have the decision sorted.

Out of 27 councilors, 19 voted in favor of Katine Sub-county and 8 voted in favor of the famous Arapai Sub-county.

Abraham Ekwaru, the communications officer of Soroti district, reveals that Katine was considered because it has sufficient land totaling to 109 acres.

The other reason is that Katine’s geographical location is strategically located at Soroti-Lira highway, which attracts business from travelers as compared to Arapai.

He says the council was convinced that the geographical location will enhance revenue base and improve the local economy.

The council believed that the presence of Atiriri Health Center IV also draws the health services closer, hence giving Atiriri a chance to be upgraded to the district hospitals.

The available taped water connection is an added advantage the council considered Katine Sub-county than Arapai.

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