24 February 2024


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Gulu city leaders tasked to revisit Emyooga money disbursement process

“We will take serious actions on these kinds of people who are trying to cheat on the local communities in Omoro district.”
Nabinson Kidega

Nabinson Kidega has made directives on Emyooga money. Photo by Okello Jesus Ojara.

Last Updated on: 31st July 2021, 01:23 pm

By Okello Jesus Ojara

Gullu—31, July 2021: The Gulu city authorities have been tasked to revisit and revise the Emyooga money disbursement process. It’s believed the scheme is not befitting the local community.

Speaking during the review meeting held on Thursday at the Gulu Resident City Commissioner’s board room, Francis Rwotlonyo, the Deputy Resident City Commissioner, cautioned the city commercial officers and her team to sit down and revisit and revise the Emyooga project.

Rwotlonyo noted that the local communities are not getting anything out of the Emyooga yet they are the targeted beneficiaries.

He, therefore, directed the city technical team in the Emyooga project to sit down with immediate effect and make a clear and relevant accountability.

Nabinson Nok Kidega, the Chairperson Acholi Region Covid-19 task force who also doubles as the Northern Region Emyooga Coordinator as well as the Lamwo Resident District Commissioner, warned the people who are involving themselves in mishandling the Emyooga funds.

Kidega cautioned the people, emphasizing that they should stay warned and stop jeopardizing the President’s revolving fund that is meant to support the local community.

He added he will sit with the management of Post Bank Gulu city branch, who are disbursing the lion share of the fund to sort out the issues of delayed disbursement.

Kidega says he is so much disturbed with the people who are trying to impersonate so that they can have access to embezzle the funds.

“The Omoro district commercial officer and the team to identify these so-called impersonators and I have also set my team to investigate the matter,” he added.

“We will take serious actions on these kinds of people who are trying to cheat on the local communities in Omoro district.”

Gulu city has received shs1.2 Billion whereby only shs36 million has been given out to different SACCO groups within the city, according to the report by the city commercial officer.

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