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Voices: Covid-19 lockdown shatters dry fish sellers in Gulu city

Left to Right Alice Okech and Atim Margret 1 scaled

Last Updated on: 31st July 2021, 01:57 pm

By Okello Jesus Ojara

Gulu – 30, July 2021: Dry fish sellers at Gulu Main Market in Gulu city are upset by the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown imposed by the president Musevei last month.

Caroline Okwera, a dry fish seller, also doubling as the vice chairperson Gulu Main Market Vendors Association disclosed her saddening story to our Gulu city based reporter that the lockdown has impacted negatively on their sales, capital and savings.

Caroline noted that before the lockdown, she used to purchase dry fish for shs 500,000 which are sold out within one to two days. She says it is quite challenging during this lockdown where she can only buy for shs 250,000 which she sells for over a week and some fish also get spoilt.

She added that this has made them to lose customers which have greatly affected their savings and capital.

Margret Atim is another dry fish seller. She disclosed that before the lockdown, she was doing savings and that she would save shs 200,000 per week. “Now it is very hard for me to get even shs100, 000 a week.”

She adds that before the lockdown, she was making shs500, 000 from selling dry fish in a day, but during this lockdown, she hardly sells to get shs200, 000.

Alice Okech is also a dry fish seller. She says it is very hard for her to raise shs 80,000 a week since she is suffering from diabetes and due to the lockdown; she only comes to the market once or twice a week.

President Museveni will address the nation today at 8pm and he’s expected to lift some of the restrictions put 42 days ago to control rapid spread of Covid-19.

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