Museveni revises curfew time to 7pm to fight Covid-19

Last Updated on: 19th June 2021, 07:55 am

Kampala – 18, June 2021: President Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has revised new Covid-19 prevention measures as advised by national virus taskforce. 

Early this month, the president directed all schools, house of worship be closed for 42 days. He also banned interdistrict travel for the same period – except for Kampala and Wakiso.

Curfew was maintained from 9:00pm to 5:30am daily. However, because many Ugandans are flouting it, Gen. Museveni has revised it backward.

A summary of new measures are highlighted below:

1 All cross board boundaries and inter district movement of public transport and private transportation is banned for 42 days. Only sick people will be transported.

2 All cargo trucks are allowed to move by day and by night but must carry only the driver. Passenger’s vehicles are banned. Boda bodas can carry patients.

3 Boda boda to carry only cargo. Passengers are to stay home.

4 Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development is directed to quickly assess the valunerable group for relief support.

5 Ministry of Health and KCCA to ensure that people who need care is taken care of. RDCs to take care at the district level for patient’s evacuation.

6 Essential works vehicles are cleared to travel (doctors, nurses, media). Details of other essential workers will be worked on by the Rt. Hon prime Minister.

7 Registered tourist vehicles is cleared to transport tourists

8 Curfew is from 7pm to 5:30am daily.

9 Boda boads to stop operating at 6pm

10 All institutions of learning remains closed for 42 days.

11 MoH encouraged to strengthen the Village Health Teams (VHTs) for easy referrals and identification.

12 Local government Ministry is directed to support the district task forces

13 Entebbe international airport remains open for travellers in and out.

14 Carge truck drivers to be tested at the boarders and allowed to continue with the journey.

15 Ministry of Works and Transport to reactivate parking points

16 Food market vendors must stay at their places of work.

17 Kikubo trading areas should close.

18 Burials to be restricted to core family members (not more than 20 people)

19 Bars, disco halls are banned (URA and sister agencies to work hand in hand to seal off bars).

20 10% of worker to be enforced in none core work places

21 Factories should remain open (workers to sleep at the work places)

22 Places of worship remains suspended for 42 days.

23 Sectors to continue working;
Agriculture, industry, cargo transportation, health and medical services, utilities, retail shops, army, police.

24 VHTs directed to increase awareness and linkages

25 All district tasks force should heightens their efforts.

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