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Use lockdown to prepare how to handle new wave of Covid 19 – UPC tells govt

(Last Updated On: 16 June 2021)

“All health workers who are our heroes in this case, should be well facilitated and motivated to execute their job optimally as soldiers on the frontline,” Arach Oyat Sharon, UPC spokesperson.

Kampala – 16, June 2021: Uganda People’s Congress (UPC) party has asked the NRM government to use the 42 days of partial lockdown to prepare and reflect on how to handle better another wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

Uganda, like any other countries in the world is grappling with new surge of Covid-19 infections, and deaths.

A total of 65,631 people have been infected since March last year, and to date, 508 people have died, according to a fresh data from the Ministry of Health.

Similarly, 806,129 people have since been vaccinated, and 48,649 have since recovered from the deadly pandemic.

Kampala and Wakiso districts continue to register highest number of infections on daily basis.

In trying to contain the virus and help Ugandans stay safe, on 6 June, 2021 President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni announced the second partial Covid-19 lockdown for the next 42 days.

The decisions follow the second wave that has hit the country, triggering a wide range of challenges.

“Medically, those in need of the first dose of Covid-19 vaccinations increased in big numbers, and out shipped the available dosage while others commenced on their second dose with fear of missing out. This calls for more and sufficient stock of vaccines,” UPC’s party spokesperson, Arach Oyat Sharon says.

Addressing a weekly press conference in Kampala Wednesday, she adds that this “is a worrying situation with high rate of Covid- 19 cases registered so far in a very short period of time”.

“UPC calls upon government to provide Covid-19 testing and treatment free of charge purposely to enable people including those who were scared away by the prices to go for testing so that they can know their status as well as giving the government an opportunity to identify all the positive cases in the communities for proper planning and act accordingly.”


The health facilities, she says need to be well equipped with all the necessary requirements so that we are ready for such situations like this of Covid-19 pandemic.

“All health workers who are our heroes in this case, should be well facilitated and motivated to execute their job optimally as soldiers on the frontline,” she told government.

There is a move by government to pay a daily allowance of shs5, 000 only to medical personnel handling Covid-19 patients across the country. Some Ugandans have said this is “an insult to the health workers”.

“The exodus of students/pupils from different schools going home and members of the public last week, was beyond the capacity of both bus and taxi operators to handle within the stipulated period. The situation ran out of hand as the transport fares skyrocketed to levels unheard of since independence that led the intervention of the Head of State House Anti-Corruption Unit Col. Edith Nakalema and some officials from the Ministry of Works and Transport to mitigate the situation,” UPC noted.

“UPC is very much concerned that what we have just gone through while transporting our children back to their parents needs not to resurface. Our bus terminals and taxi parks were crowded and public health was totally compromised. This put the lives of our people at risk and can easily trigger the spread of coronavirus and other contagious diseases that could have been avoided!”

UPC calls upon government that in the same spirit she restored Uganda Airlines Corporation, we need to resurrect our Bus Transport Companies such as: Uganda Transport Corporation (UTC), Peoples Transport and Uganda Railway Corporation to be fully operational.This will bridge the gaps in the transport industry.

According to Arach, UPC wishes to make a humble reminder and appeal to the government that “the 42 days of lockdown should be a time for preparation and reflection on how to handle the new wave of Covid 19”. “The party urges government to redouble her efforts in the measures and modalities of acquiring the vaccines as well as doing enough sensitization and/or public awareness on the same.”

“Covid 19 has proved to us, as country and the world that we need to invest much in research and come to the realization of solutions to such problems. UPC calls upon government and Ministry of Health to ensure the readiness of our local Covid 19 treatment that was launched earlier on for trial, in time.”

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