Apac hospital: Lack of health workers, strike affecting service delivery

Last Updated on: 15th January 2022, 05:20 pm

Apac – 11, May 2021: Since nurses and midwives countrywide laid down their tools due to unpaid lunch allowances of UGX15, 000 from UGX2, 000, service delivery at Apac hospital has been affected.

Apac general hospital that serves Apac sub-county, Apac municipality, Chegere sub-county, among other territories got affected by the decisions made by the nurses and midwives.

Doctor Alex Oula is serving as the medical superintendent of Apac hospital. He acknowledges that the presence and commitment rendered by their midwives and nurses is so vital in delivering services to the sick, but unfortunately, it has been days since the strike begun.

“I am overwhelmed by the work load at his facility (Doctor’s clinic) in Apac town,” he said.

Dr. Oula also said, the hospital handled over 200 cases of deliveries in a period of one month through normal process (Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery SVD) whereas caesarian cases were about 30.

“Basing on this, the caseload since the ongoing strike has over powered me,” he reveals.

Asked about the number of gravida-delivery conducted during this period, Dr Oula confirmed he worked on 10 mothers as of Friday, May 7 2021.


“….others was emergency cases from Ibuje HCIII, Akokoro HCIII, Alenga HCIII among other facilities,” he told our Reporter.

He also appealed to the government to hurriedly consider the cry of the affected workers so as the demands of the patients are met just on time.

Uganda Nurses and Midwives Association have agreed to start works with immediate effect after government promised that their demands will be addressed in the coming financial year.

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