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Museveni’s catchword: His Ankole speech exposes the empty deceit


Mr President, your people are putting on yellow but campaigning for other candidates (opposition).

 Salutations Mr. President/Candidate Yoweri K.T. Museveni,

I am Odaka Asuman from Tororo Municipality.

Tororo – 9, December 2020: Mr. President, if your advisors/handlers were bold enough, they would have told you how much your Bushenyi speech utterly negated your campaign message “#SecusringYourFuture.”

In addition to the treasonous and soiling utterances both you and Gen. Kahinda Otafiire alluded to (subject to subsequent article), the following were part of the accountability balance sheet you presented to the people of Ankole as a basis for them to elect you again in 2021 general elections.

  1. Uganda Technical College, Bushenyi infrastructure overhauled and transformed into a Science University
  2. Kashenyi – Mitooma road tarmacked
  3. Kitabi Seminary access road tarmacked
  4. Ishaka – Katunguru road reconstructed
  5. Katunguru Bridge under reconstruction
  6. Over ten tea factories built
  7. Nyaruzinga banana factory
  8. Ishaka – Ntungamo road done
  9. Rural electrification and piped water, 90% of the sub-counties covered
  10. Several agricultural interventions, especially diary, coffee and tea
  11. Kabwohe–Nsika – Nyakabirizi road due for tarmacking;
  12. Among others.

But more to this, Mr. President, the records as of now indicate that the majority of Permanent Secretaries (PAs) are from Ankole and or its neighbourhood; nearly all District Police Commanders (DPCs) and Regional Police Commanders (RPCs) are from Ankole and or its neighbourhood.

Majority of your senior Cabinet Ministers are from Ankole and or its neighbourhood, all the members of the High Command of UPDF/NRA are from Ankole alone; the majority of army generals and or senior army and intelligence officers are from Ankole and or its neighbourhood.


Mr. President, the majority of the commissioners in statutory commissions are from Ankole and or its neighbourhood, government parietal are more populated with people from Ankole and or its neighbourhood, majority of the Resident District Commissioners (RDC) are from Ankole and or its neighbourhood, majority of the DISO are from Ankole and or its neighbourhood, Executive Directors and Directors are from Ankole and or its neighbourhood, Chief Administrative Officers at the districts country wide are from Ankole and or its neighbourhood

Majority of the heads of academic institutions that used to be from Teso are today majorly from Ankole and or its neighbourhood, the students on scholarship both abroad and here in the country majorly from Ankole and or its neighbourhood; majority of successive government contractors are majorly from Ankole and or its neighbourhood, lucrative government consultancy are majorly from Ankole and or its neighbourhood. Mr. President, the list is endless.

I once compiled a list of 1500 most influential government employees by name, position and place of work; the shocking truth is that they are majorly from Ankole and or its neighbourhood.

As if that is not enough, Mr. President, even the overrated youth livelihood programs, Women Funds and now “Emyooga” is more beneficial to the youth of Ankole and or its neighbourhood than those from other regions or sub-regions.

Maybe not by design, but because your system operates under the basis of ‘TECHNICAL KNOW WHO” not so much about meritocracy.

Therefore, Mr. President, you will understand why only the people from Ankole and or its neighbourhood understand and are excited about your campaign slogan of #SecuringYourFuture while people from other regions are merely ridiculing it.

The reason is simply because the only FUTURE you are SECURING is now understood as of particular people and not the entire country. To those particular people, you have given guns (as tools of dispensing fear/terror). The money and the education at the expense of the others.

To crown this all, in your speech in Bushenyi, both you and your minister of East African Community, Major General (Rtd) Kahinda Otafiire openly told the country that NRA is not ready to hand over power to anyone because there is “a mission you have to accomplish first”. In view of the fore narrated evidence, the unfinished mission seems more about excluding us from other regions.

Mr. President, when you came to Tororo on 27, November 2020, apart from reminding us that now we sleep, telling the Etesot and Jopadhola to stop quarrelling; the only project you could lay claim to is the World Bank built municipal market, and is that securing our future?

It’s very agonizing Mr. President that when you speak about Tororo, it’s only about exploiting the minerals therein, increasing the revenue from Malaba border, the tourism etc. but not about partaking from the national cake.

Let you not be lied to Mr. President that your votes in Tororo district will be secured by some people throwing huge stones and logs on the road to prevent Bobi Wine from campaigning here. In fact, the road-blockers were making votes for Bobi Wine.

Mr. President, some of us who your system has grossly marginalised are very talented, able, capable, creative and auto-driven. To turn our lives and our regions round, we don’t need handouts; we need hands-up, don’t give us fish, avail us the fishing nets.


Mr. President, many regions have detected this and nobody is bold enough to tell you, from every region you leave, people get more agitated than you found it. I hope you have also found out that you are “alone campaigner” in this campaign. A part from Evelyn Anite, you honestly don’t have any other person helping you to campaign. People are putting on yellow but campaigning for other candidates.

If other regions are silent about this, Mr. President Tororo people’s future deserves to be secured.

I wish to copy this letter to all the people in the regions (sub-regions) you have been to.

Cc: #WestNile

Cc: #Acholi

CC: #Lango

CC: #Teso

Cc: #Karamoja

Cc: #Bugishu

Cc #Sebei

Cc: #Bukedi

Cc: #Busoga

The writer is an activist from Tororo Municipality

WhatsApp: +256753195384

Email: asumanmrjn@gmail.com

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