24 February 2024


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Letter to EC’s Simon Byabakama: “Your inaction against nomination brute will hunt your descendants”

EC Boss Justice Simon Byamukama Mugenyi

EC Boss Justice Simon Byabakama Mugenyi.

Last Updated on: 8th November 2020, 10:11 am

Salutations Mr. Chairman!

I am Odaka Asuman, the same one you know from Tororo Municipality.

Mr Chairman, my membership to the National Consultative Forum (NCF) afforded me an opportunity to know you at personal level.

During that brief moment in which we were both members of NCF, fate furnished me with renewed hope that maybe our long time agitations to have a committed, firm, impartial person above the level of a high Court Judge has at long last been divinely answered. 

This is despite the horrible stories I had heard about you especially in regard to your alleged role in the Dr. Kizza Besigye’s trumped up rape case. 

Your presence in the NCF always created an environment of free speech and free interaction, portraying you as a deliberate, meticulous, trustable, transparent, lover of fairness, justice, equity and equality. 

You always didn’t want to proceed or close a matter until everyone was absolutely satisfied; this gave some of us confidence of unimaginable magnitude in you Sir. 

Lordship, greatness and heroism are never achieved by doing what nobody has never done. On the contrary it encompasses being timely at the magical moment to do or say an obvious thing that other people say or do daily.

 In this case, you need to be reminded that the opportunity comes once and even when you try to do that same right thing later, nobody will consider you genuine because the magical moment of need will have long expired.

Lordship, to date I have still failed to reconcile my opinion between the you that i knew and the you who acted completely indifferent on the 3rd October 2020 when the heinous brutal and torturous hands of armed forces  were indecently massaging the people who had only you to legitimately speak out for. 

This indifference, Lordship was a gross display of betrayal and crashed hope not just to the presidential candidates, but equally so, to the entire nation projecting you as deeply incapable of delivering even a vague imitation of a free and fair elections in the forthcoming elections.

Honestly, Mr. Chairman, as a person whose profession is to dispense justice, fairness and guard dignity of descendants of Adam, how could you treat the situation as normal when a presidential candidate presents himself before you with a tone suite and barefoot and you don’t ask any questions, you make no statement as if everything was supposed to be just like that. Isn’t that negative history made?

Without appearing sarcastic Lordship, doesn’t that also mean that if the same came before you completely naked, sure you would still nominate him without asking a question?

This by extensions mean you are capable of nominating a person incapable for the office, or still that you were part of the entire plan to embarrass the candidates and discredit and compromise your own process. 

Mr. Chairman, your inaction on Hon. Amuriat and Kyagulanyi situations is an irreparable dent added onto your C.V.; you will surely be remembered in this country as a chairman of the electoral commission who nominated a candidate who was kidnapped and delivered to you, but was impotent enough to ask any question.

As if this is not enough, how on earth can brute be dispensed on a presidential candidate you just finished nominating within your vicinity and you continue with your business as if what is happening is none of your business or doesn’t concern you, honestly?

Find time, face the camera and boldly tell Ugandans how you can deliver a credible elections when the events on that day and even before then clearly indicate you aren’t in charge and have no iota of capacity to call whoever is causing havoc to order.

Mr. Chairman, the atrocities, torture and brutalities with which the security forces are discharging their duty and yet when you come out, you are heard condemning the victims is going to make the election you’re pretending to superintend over to be a spark for a blood bath in this country.

The arrogance is at its maximum and the impunity is beyond the ordinary. It’s also making you appear an accomplice to the torture.

Lordship, Ugandans are a very forgiving lots of people. Am sure they had forgiven you in the Dr. Kizza Besigye case. What I know  however, is that even God doesn’t forgive in perpetuity.

If your silence and inaction continues, electoral commission will be considered an accessory in this crime and you may be called to testify.

I can volunteer to tell you that one of the reasons why Dr. Kizza Besigye didn’t contest is because in his humble considered opinion, you’re a worse version of your predecessor. 

Mr. Chairman, this is not without remedy. Although you failed to capture the magical moment on the 3rd, you still have one opportunity to redeem your image.

This remedy is however the radical one and that is RESIGNATION.

For now, kindly listen to  the song”…..ebintu bizemu….” by Ronald Mayinja.

I remain Odaka Asuman
WhatsApp: +753195384, Email: asumanmrjn@gmail.com

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