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Joe Biden: Americans have spoken


Democratic nominee - Joe Biden is ahead of President Donald Trump. Courtesy photo.

Last Updated on: 8th November 2020, 08:52 am

Kampala – 8 November 2020: Americans (USA) cast their votes on Tuesday 3 November and on Saturday 8 November, they were able to know who their 46th President elect was.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump of Democrat and Republican kept Americans and entire world waiting as they both couldn’t reach electoral college votes’ threshold – 270 to be declared president elect.

Joe Biden, a former vice president during Barack Obama’s administration, gained 273 electoral votes to Donald Trump’s 214 – according to CNN.

The former vice president also becomes the first USA president elect to gain more than seventy millions of vote casts, and the oldest, at 78, to be elected.

Senator Kamala Harris becomes vice president elect. She has made history as first black woman to ever be elected America’s second powerful person to occupy White House.

With president Donald Trump announcing he won’t concede defeats, but taking legal actions from Monday, Joe Biden has called for “calm” from all Americans.

Speaking on Saturday evening after his win, he said: “Americans have spoken.”

“This is the time to heal in America,” he added, pledging to be a president who unifies the nation.

Vice president elect, Senator Kamala Harris says Joe Biden had the “audacity” to select “a woman as vice president”.

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