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Lira: Three more people test positive for Covid-19

Dr Jane Aceng's

Health Minister Dr Jane Aceng visted Lira Regional Hospital last week to deliver an ambulance. File photo.

Last Updated on: 4th June 2020, 10:21 pm


Lira—4, June 2020: Authorities in Lira [district task-force on Covid-19] are worried of the fast growing coronavirus cases in the district [Municipality].

TND News has learnt that there are now 11 primary contacts in isolation. The 11, according to Lira RDC, Milton Odongo who’s the head of the district task-force got into contacts with South Sudanese traders who have been frequenting Lira Municipality and district buying goats.

Mr Odongo has also said the other 21 Covid-19 suspects being treated at Lira Regional Referral Hospital are recovering.

“We shall wait for the final guidance from the Ministry after probing beyond reasonable doubt that they are now safe to be discharged,” Mr Odongo told Journalists in Lira on Thursday.

“So, the primary contacts we have, including those at the isolation centres, are 11. In fact, I am even directing the DHO to arrest all these children looking after goats for the dinkas [South Sudanese] to be brought on board as primary contacts; to be kept at a quarantine centre,” he added.

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The RDC warned parents to stop allowing their children to look after the goats of the South Sudanese goat dealers. “This is very clear. Even the community, I am told even in Amach—there are communities in Amach who had contact with these dinkas. You find dinkas deep in the villages like oone called Odyekcamo-aor. How can a dinka go deep to a place like Odyekcamo-aor when he’s not aided by local community?” he asked.

For most of his briefing with journalists on Thursday, Lira RDC kept calling these people “dinkas”.

He added that: “The public must monitor people who are encouraging the dinkas to go deeper into the community and yet we have the big question mark on these dinkas who have come from South Sudan—South Sudan is a danger zone as far as Covid-19 is concerned. We will not accept this to continue because it’s bringing a problem to the community.”

New cases

“This morning again, the result from the blood samples that were taken to Kampala came back and confirmed three more positive cases. Another one, a builder and two men who are dealing in goat business in Southern Sudan. These two goat sellers, they mixed with dinkas and this is bringing problem,” RDC Odongo bemoans.

“I want to appeal to the community, those who are dealing in goat business to first stop these businesses with the dinkas in South Sudan,” President Museveni’s district aide ordered.

Dr Buchan Ocen, Lira District Health Officer [DHO] also confirmed new cases. He narrated [briefly transcribed by this publication] how Ugandans in South Sudan are being mistreated as far as Covid-19 testing is concerned.

Dr Ocen and Lira district council speaker, Hon Rashid Opio appeared on Radio Unity on Thursday evening, sensitizing the people of Lira district on what they are doing in controlling mass spread of the novel coronavirus.

The DHO revealed that one of the Ugandan builders who was in South Sudan had to return home [Lira] after being denied virus test in South Sudan, adding that two of the builder’s colleagues [South Sudanese] who were quickly tested by their government turned positive.

“…. he handed over himself to us in Lira and told us he was not feeling well and it looks shameful for love of money and gets to his home and infect his family members with coronavirus when he’s not trusting his health. I’m requesting you to test me….” Dr Buchan quoted a patient he said was not a suspect anymore but a “probable case”.

Two of those who tested positive are from Burlobo, Akia parish, Adekokwok sub-county, Lira district.


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