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EFOTI Limited takes tea growing message to Lugore prison officers

(Last Updated On: 23 May 2020)

Each time he’s addressing the country on COVID-19 situation; offering guidance and clarity, President Museveni has defended cargo transportation and agriculture.

“While tourism has suffered because of this virus, agriculture should continue and anybody stopping people from going to their gardens is a crook,” Mr Museveni said, in April.

Continuously, he has clarified that government won’t stop cargo transport because “cargo trucks are bringing our goods”.

He has, however, put a restriction on truck drivers by only allowing them to enter the country after their coronavirus test results are out – negative.

As a directive from the President that agriculture should continue, the Edwin Foundation Tea Initiative [EFOTI Limited] continues to appeal to farmers across the country not to wait for coronavirus to end and they resume.

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According to the EFOTI Limited director, Mr Edwin Atukunda Beekunda, agriculture will reduce more sufferings only if people don’t sit home to wait for government’s support.

Mr Atukunda, through EFOTI Limited, has revived tea farming in northern Uganda and his efforts have seen the region recording over 500 committed tea farmers in less than a year.

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Tea seedlings at Lugore prison demo farm ready for planting.

Prior to his intervention, tea farming in the region was neglected and there was “no morale”, some farmers who spoke to this publication said, in February.

In Zombo district, tea farmers have come together, formed a SAACO and their savings are now in millions.

On Tuesday, Mr Atukunda visited Lugore government prison in Gulu district where he interacted with prison officers and encouraged them to undertake tea farming.

“I had a brief training with them, and i sensitized officers on how they can prepare for retirement,” he told TND News, in a phone interview.

He further says tea, like other popular cash crops grown in the region, will change peoples’ livelihood as long as they “sacrifice their land and see value in tea farming”.

Government is gradually moving to establish the first tea production plant [factory] in the northern region, and this publication has since learnt that the “ground-breaking ceremony is anticipated to take place in the forthcoming financial year”.

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