24 February 2024


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Dan Matsiko: My take on free masks to all Uganda

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Dan Matsiko addressing Journalists in Kampala early this year. Photo Courtesy

Last Updated on: 19th May 2020, 11:28 pm


You kill Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) in one statement and make bigger foreign companies like Nytil to continue their dominance trend in business and economy. Where did the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) principle go?

Two, majority of unemployed Ugandans were seeing a ray of light in making masks and now a tender has been given to Asians and Indians in particular without following due processes.

Is Gen Museveni Yoweri a Ugandan really, or a President of only foreigners?  The New Form of Thinking (NFT) government to be led by Mr Matsiko Dan will promote Uganda first to increase jobs and opportunities to all citizens of this country. We seek power to redirect priorities of this country guided by our topical challenges as a proud sovereign African nation.

Fighting unemployment and poverty should be our guiding principles in the next government 2021-2026.

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Operation Restore Sanity in the System (ORSS) of this country guided by serious and strict government supervision will be a reality once Mr Matsiko is voted into power by majority Ugandans.

Ugandans don’t need your free masks from Asian economies like China and India, plus Pakistan. What Ugandans need now is financial inclusion and innovative ways of solving poverty and unemployment created by poor priorities of this NRM regime and her corrupt officials.

Making masks for over 40 million people is the opportunity now for Ugandans, not any other body.

How do you appear on a national TV and award a government tender to a company [Nytil] owned by Asians without following tender procedures of doing government business? Uganda is not Museveni’s Rwakitura or Kisozi farm. Let us allow systems to work. Operation Restore Sanity in the System (ORSS) will be our tool.

How many graduates and non-graduates are unemployed for NRM to outsource even the basic skill of making a mask from Chinese & Indians? Ugandans wake up… NRM is misleading us and gambling with our lives here.

We want an opportunity for all Ugandans to work here. Stop giving us free things as a bribe; to dupe us as you loot resources of this country into a private, family account.

Skill Ugandans and let ordinary citizens be included in the national economic equation of their country.

The author is the NFT Uganda founder and chief mobiliser, and a presidential aspirant in next general elections.

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